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Highboost73 - 3.08.10, 8:13 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hey yall. Well my order of tires came in about a week ago and I have had some run time on all of them. I have not got any of them out on a track, or much dirt for that matter so this may not amount to a hill of bean for most guys, but here it goes. The terrain I tested on was dry concrete, wet/icy pavement, hard packed snow, powdery snow, slush mix. The tires/ wheels I tested are Proline Calibers on proline split six glue on wheels, JConepts GoosBumps on Proline split six wheels, Losi Strike tires on Jconcepts Rulux, Proline Bowties on Jconcepts Rulux, Proline Switch on slash wheels, HPI ATTK on OFNA hyper 10SC wheels, and RC4WD Dirt Diggers on Hpi MK10 wheels. I will rate on a scale to 10 comparing only to other tires on the same surface. All on the same truck, with the same 2S lipo. No settings were charnged to get the most out of each tire, as I have got more out of some after tweaking a few things.

Dry concrete:
Switch: 7
Bowtie: 9
Dirt Digger: 8
Goosbumps: 9
Strike: 8

Wet/icy pavement
Switch: 3
Attk: 7
Dirt Digger: 5
Goosebumps: 7
Strike: 8
Caliber: 6

Hard packed snow
Bowtie: 3
Attk: 6
Dirt Digger: 6
Goosebumps: 8
Strike: 9
Caliber: 6

Powdery snow ( none are real great)
Switch: 2
Bowtie: 3
Attk: 4
Dirt Digger:5
Goosebumps: 7
Strike: 8
Caliber: 5

Slush mix(hard packed bottom, or icy bottom)
Switch: 3
Bowtie: 3
Attk: 7
Dirt Digger: 7
Goosbumps: 8
Strike: 9
Caliber: 5

Once I can find some dirt I will test them on different conditions. All tires were tested on my Slashpede VXL, protrac kit, 8000mah 2s lipo, stiff diff med slipper, 50wt front and rear with losi sliver 2" front and 2.5" rear. I have switch to greens on the front to combat the heavy slush and ended up with blue fronts but the snow won the weight battle. I hope this helps yall out. I must say... if you run in the snow the Team Losi Strike tires are hands down the best winter tire out there. I have a set of studded dirthawgs and 2 sets of paddles and these work far better! the OFNA wheels are sweet also! They hold the bead the best and were the easiest to glue! Once again these are just preceived findins of these tires on my truck with me driving. Individual results may vary!
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JTrowser - 3.09.10, 6:35 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Great Job Highboost!! I'm looking forward to your track/dirt reveiw, as i live in Florida there isn't too much snow. Good stuff man.
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Radiojh - 3.09.10, 8:57 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
great thread! i love testing out different stuff!
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Modding_out - 3.09.10, 9:02 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Sounds like the losi strike tires are the all around winners,

I know what I'll be getting........
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Highboost73 - 3.11.10, 7:23 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
I had a few guys on RCshourtcourse.com question my methods so here is the response.

I used M2 compound on all Proline tires. The ice and grit are very hard on real soft tires. I have had M3 Calibers and Bowties and they had only a tiny bit more grip on these same surfaces. As I said in the review, after doing multiple tests including timed acceleration and loop, low and high speed cornering, grade climbing, banked cornering, as well as resisting spin out when punched at a roll. I would think a softer tire would be better but the 2 tires that did the best, the Goosebumps and the Strike, have drastically different compounds. The one thing I was shocked with was how bad the RC4WD Dirt Diggers preformed. They are based off a tire that I have run under my Super duty and have had wonderful luck with. I am excited to see how these all will do on dirt, grass, gravel, and what ever else I can find. Everyone drives different, on different surfaces, these are just what worked for me and a general idea for others to use so they don't need to buy as many tires as I did.

It has warmed up to the mid and upper 30s here in North Dakota and some of my results have changed.

The softer tires are coming alive with the warmer temps and working more like they should. The Strike tires are still at the top of the heap. I am looking forward to seeing how drastic the difference is from cold to warm and snow to dirt. It seems the lateral tread bars are still leading the way in my current conditions with the more knobby type bringing up the rear. I sure wish spring would get here so I could find some dirt somewhere!!!

As of right now "My preferred tires" are as follows
1: Strike
2: Goosebumps
4: Caliber
5: Dirt Digger
6: Bowtie
7: Switch
I am sure that my dirt results will have me changing things and I can't wait!
I have had a thing for tires on my ATVs truck and RCs. I crave the best in traction and I won't stop until I find it or my wife tells me I HAVE to! Any tire suggestions for me to test?. lemme know and I will get them!
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Slash VXL,2x Rustler SC VXL, SCX10, Team C TS2, RC8BE FT, Circuit, 1/10 Losi Slider, S107G,Warhawk,Volitation, Chinook.
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svs - 3.15.10, 8:00 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Highboost73, I live in ND too and still have the stock tires (but only recently upgraded to the vxl). I do however have my rears wrapped in some chains I made for it (that work amazingly well actually). I live in a small town in an old house, so our driveway is gravel. Our driveway has started to show with lots of water as well, and I did a lot of mud flingin' yesterday. I showed the wife how I shot mud all the way to the kitchen window but she wasn't as impressed as I was. LOL. Since you seem to be a tire expert, what tire/rim do you recommend if I drive mostly in gravel and grass with only some road use?

I have a waterproof vxl setup with a 2s lipo. I'm currently running the 23 tooth pinion as my 18 tooth got stuck on my titan and I couldn't even drill out the grub screw (I know the 23 is bad for this wet snow and water)! I'll be ordering a few robinson racing absolute pinion gears soon, and wanted to get a new set of tires for the summer. I'll stick to the stockers in winter as I made chains for them and I don't expect great traction in snow anyways (I might get different front's, but my rears hookup fine with the chains)
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Highboost73 - 3.15.10, 7:35 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Hey boys. Well I found a weakness in the Strike tires....wet foams. I had one of my rears explode on me a full speed on 2s. Sent the truck flying! I got about 1 full cup of water out of the 2 rears. I was running the blue molded proline foams and they really hold the water. I tried some other foams and none of them even came close to that capacity. Good news is the snow is melting and I have been scouting some places to set up my next test areas. I have a few farmers to talk to and one welding shop. I should be able to get some of the tires done this week, and I have a few more on the way. I will get some pics and/or video this time also.

SVS, where at in ND? I am near Minot. I will let you know as some I find my top 3 but as of now with no snow use they all are pretty good. They all shine in different places or for different styles of driving. My wife loves a set that I hate (switch) as they are more forgiving as she learns. I will let you know though buddy. Enjoy the warm up, and I hope you are not in flood country!
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Slash VXL,2x Rustler SC VXL, SCX10, Team C TS2, RC8BE FT, Circuit, 1/10 Losi Slider, S107G,Warhawk,Volitation, Chinook.
wannaTRDsc - 3.15.10, 10:32 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
How come you didnt try the HPI Maxxis?
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AnimalMother - 3.16.10, 1:58 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Are these OFNA Hyper 10SC Wheels:

If so, will the OFNA Hyper 10SC Wheels fit the Losi Strike Tires???
Those look good!

The HPI Maxxis Tires work great, I had them on for a while. Used them in the mud and loved them.

Thanks for the great insight. I'm always looking at tires and rim combos.
(Last edited by AnimalMother : 3.16.10 at 2:00 am)
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FireFrenzy - 3.16.10, 3:05 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
all wheels and tires designed for short course trucks are (afaik) 2.2/3.0 sized and will thus fit with each other...
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