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Steven1957 - 12.12.16, 2:14 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
LC Racing set up chart shows toe in as negative on the front, but positive on the back. Everything else I have found says toe in front and back is positive and toe out is negative.

Anyone in agreement???
"Experienced user"
Kingers - 12.13.16, 8:25 am Post #22: | Reply With Quote
Should be toe out (negative -) on the front and toe in ( positive +) on the rear.

Toe out on the front gives you good turn on the entrance to the corner, too much toe out will make you slow on the straights.

Toe in on the rear gives the car great stability and also assists with drive out of the corner. Too much toe in will make the car understeer and slow down the straights.

The alternative. Positive front toe and negative rear toe will make the car very unresponsive on turn in and understeer, whilst the back of the car will constantly try to overtake the front of the car even in a straight line!!

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