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ORANGEm0ney's Avatar
"Slash B4"
ORANGEm0ney - 10.12.15, 7:14 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hi everyone. I've been out of the RC world for a long time now and am back. I want to know what's the current best Traxxas RC for bashing on grass and dirt? The only Traxxas RC I own is the Traxxas Slash 4x4 (HCG Chassis of course) that I bought 5 years ago. Any information would help! Thanks!
Slash 4x4 VXL LCG | Associated B4.1 Mamba
bash bros's Avatar
"Experienced, sure"
bash bros - 10.12.15, 7:24 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Probably a brushless Stampede or Rustler, imho of course.

The Pede is probably better for offroad, but the Rustler is more versatile since you can easily set it up for off and onroad.

Here's a couple of my Rustlers set up for offroad. With some big tires it handles grass with ease, and if you throw some wide arms in you can get going pretty fast without rolling.

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ORANGEm0ney's Avatar
"Slash B4"
ORANGEm0ney - 10.12.15, 7:42 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
They look great! Is there a difference between the Rustler and the Stampede truggy conversion that thejang did? I think I'm really looking for a truggy.
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Slash 4x4 VXL LCG | Associated B4.1 Mamba
wheelin71's Avatar
"sweet n power chicken things"
wheelin71 - 10.12.15, 9:43 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
I don't own one but have been eying several at hobby shops recently....I think a truggy kit or rtr on a 4s battery would be awesome. Many look to be built far superior to Traxxas vehicles (hate to say it, love my trucks you see the signature) and come already set up with aluminum in all the places it should be, and much lighter weight sometimes too. I don't race and never will but I've seen some of these 1/8 truggies running MT tires and taking an insane beating.
ERBE, LNC, 2x Summit, 4pede, Trail Trekker, Savage Flux HP XL, X Maxx, Ascender k5 and k10
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