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Moneypit70 - 12.25.16, 2:58 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Thank you all for all the great comments. It is official, this gift ended up being for me. After all of this, my sons favorite Christmas gift ended up being a $10 five Nights at Freddie's Stuffed bear lol.

Rebuilt the shocks this afternoon with the hardened shafts, aluminum caps and new springs. Brought back memories of my younger years

Whoever said that this would not be the end, you are already correct. I decided that the plastic idler gear will not cut it so I am going to order the RR Steel idler gear plus the STRC layshaft and upgraded to the associated slipper setup. Throw in a set of aluminum hexes and that's another $75 to the total. I am sure I'll come up with a few more "must have" items soon enough. This truck definately has the potential to exceed the over $2,000 I put into my Associated NTC 3 about 15 years ago.

To the question about battery plans, I want to stay at 2s. I figure this motor should be good for 45-50 MPH and that should be more than enough to keep the hobby stores happy with my replacement part orders.
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"Boost? Boost."
Rye 21 - 12.25.16, 4:40 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
Dayum! That's one hell of a list!

My youngest brother actually just got a Slash Raptor for Christmas today, and its really fun! I think I might go out and get myself one.
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MBailey1977 - 12.25.16, 6:19 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
smirk-racing said
Why was it more fun mostly stock??
It had an overkill system in it that kept breaking stuff every other run.
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smirk-racing - 12.25.16, 9:00 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
MBailey1977 said
It had an overkill system in it that kept breaking stuff every other run.
Funny you mention that issue... I always thought there was no such thing as too much power, but in fact there is... I have recently begun to dial-in my RCs with appropriately sized motors so they naturally wheely less, so I can stomp the gas without multiple standing backflips, and so I can push harder through turns, and it is WAY more fun...
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Fiero_Man_121 - 12.26.16, 3:41 am Post #15: | Reply With Quote
Thats not too too bad, ive seen worse. Heck ive done worse a few times when money was good.
Florida Oval Racer | Vintage traxxas collector | Mad Scientist
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Tweeter01 - 12.28.16, 9:13 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
I've been working on my slash for the last two years, have over $1,000 into it and still upgrading stuff. Not much more to upgrade, theses things are addicting for sure. Hey as long as your having fun doing it, why not.
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nino - 12.29.16, 2:08 am Post #17: | Reply With Quote
You know, Moneypit, 4WD vehicles are far more capable and controllable... just sayin'.

In order of appearance:
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DrJVogel - 12.31.16, 11:21 am Post #18: | Reply With Quote
Moneypit70 is an addict. Just like me. Just like the rest of us. Hello RC. Goodbye wallet. Welcome. You are among friends.
RC addict and loving it
somewhere near Grass Valley, CA --- let's bash
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Thumper01 - 12.31.16, 2:00 pm Post #19: | Reply With Quote
DrJVogel said
Moneypit70 is an addict. Just like me. Just like the rest of us. Hello RC. Goodbye wallet. Welcome. You are among friends.
Lol! Great post.

Hi, my name is Thumper, and I'm an RC addict
.......Don't judge!

Let's face it, Moneypit has chosen a brutally honest forum member name for this hobby!!!

Bottom line: His Slash is going to be AWESOME when he's done building it.
"Experienced user"
Moneypit70 - 1.01.17, 7:48 pm Post #20: | Reply With Quote

My "son's' slash is together and absolutely awesome.

I wanted an aluminum servo horn that I didn't need to modify. Found one with a single 15mm hole that worked perfect. Also decided to pick up the STRC layshaft and associated slipper set up. That's the only thing that I have not installed yet. Oh yea, the standard Traxxas TQ radio does not have end point adjustment so I had to spring for an Airtronics MX-V.

This afternoon, I was probably doing 35+ mph and floored it and pulled the front wheels off the ground lol. This thing absolutely rips. 10 minutes later, my nephew found a pole to crash into head on. There went the front shock tower, 1 tie rod end and the stock plastic bulkhead. Looks like a couple RPM replacements and an aluminum bulkhead are on the menu.

Then a little voice goes off in my head. "since you have the front off for repair, might as well put some RPM A-arms and aluminum steering blocks in."

I'm going to try not listening to that voice but no promises. The addiction is strong.
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