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1mtx1 - 1.28.17, 9:21 am Post #31: | Reply With Quote
riderinblack said
Not sure about that charger but from the 80watts I've had over the years they never actually allowed 6A charging, they would immediately step down to 5, which is fine, but who knows yours might differ.

Also, what did you mean by a 2s cable, how are you charging it now?

On servos, for bashing I like to use the Solar D771, it's got about 190 oz/in at 6v and the EXI D226f (I think, which ever one has 180 oz/in torque) both are all metal gears and direct drop ins. Both under $20

As for that esc , 60a seams a little low but then again idk how many amps that motor can pull.

On the servos, could be the reciever, could be the servo, could be dirty connectors, could be, but not likely your transmitter. Gonna have trouble shoot that one.

3.7-3.9 is just fine for lipo storage (per cell)
The wire is a ext so i can connect the balance from the lipo to the charger easier . Pretty much makes charging easy i have a lipo bag so i charge with the lipo out of the rc some people charge well its still on there rc chassis.

I might the servo you said, but i had good luck with the power series one's value hobby sells . I might wanna step up to a higher voltage servo just cause i THINK my bec is rated for 6 volts but still i could wire up another bec to have a better flow if that makes sense to you. So i am thinking 15-25ish bucks shipped should get me the servo an the wire i was talking about is like 2.00 very cheap but a handy thing to have. I have a pack of 2s-8s balance gripers i got. Makes it a little easier to get the balance wire less prone to braking .

The 60 amp should be fine it pairs up well with the motor i did the math an i can power the motor with no issues with my 5000 mAh 30 lipo. The charger can do 6 amps but my power supply can do up to 5 amps but at this time i have only one lipo that 5000 pack so i am in no rush to go buy a higher rated power supply .

It could be the dhk gear, there electronics are not very good tbh so i might have to go get a remote/receiver combo . I would just get some entry level 2.4 setup from Value hobby.
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1mtx1 - 1.28.17, 9:27 am Post #32: | Reply With Quote
Miltdoggie said
Upgrade to 17mm hexes and get you some GRP tires

Thats dope! Not my cup of tea as far as the wheel's color ,but the 17mm was all so said by Bill . I guess the 8th scale wheel/tires could be a great option do to i have been seeing sets for 20ish bucks shipped from Ebay. I assume that is how a lot of you guys get those wheel/tire combos cheap?? That could work out very well for me if i do the 17mm upgrade do to the fact i am leaving the stock hcg chassis.
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Miltdoggie - 1.28.17, 9:48 am Post #33: | Reply With Quote
Oh here you go my man, a little less yellow.

IG- @original.ofcrplz
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1mtx1 - 1.28.17, 1:14 pm Post #34: | Reply With Quote
Miltdoggie said
Oh here you go my man, a little less yellow.

Ive seen ya pics bro before, the body was what made me take a second look at ya post. I love the body an thank you for this pic i love the wheels you have on there. I had a 92 jeep it was a 2 door sport an it was black. I loved that Jeep got her real cheap threw a 80.00 battery in an off i went lol. It had 124k , i miss her but i got my car accident money an sold her an got another car. Back on topic i am doing a mate black for my body. I still gotta pick it out . I am thinking something like one of those ford body's etc. I wanna a lower stance so a body that would work with a street theme is my idea. I am gonna lower the hcg chassis by using fuel tubing in the shocks to drop the stance.

I might have to get the RPM etc mount's to get the body to sit lower. I just wonder if i do the 17mm hexs an 8th scale wheel/tires will i still get a lower stance. I really think if i do the 12mm hex an those tires i posted an some all around tires up front. I do have a set of stock traxxas nitro rear tires in my closet. I wonder if i can use them up front???

Find me a dope body if you can?? clear an 30ish buck's shipped? Pleaseeeeee lol
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