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agusorgen's Avatar
"Regular user"
agusorgen - 3.17.17, 9:51 pm Post #71: | Reply With Quote
riderinblack said
Too soon?
Please explain.
I like turtles.
JesterTheJoker's Avatar
JesterTheJoker - 3.18.17, 5:56 am Post #72: | Reply With Quote
riderinblack said
Too soon?
Never ever too soon
True creativity has an element of madness, its what makes it un-predictable
-Aspiring Psychologist, Actor, and Backyard Mechanic-
SuburbnHooligan's Avatar
"going back to the 90's"
SuburbnHooligan - 3.18.17, 10:38 am Post #73: | Reply With Quote
what the... what chassis is that on? are those 1/8 wheels turned inside out? im guessing 1/24 scale model body on a 1/18 scale chassis?
just because it's a bad idea doesn't mean it wont be a good time.
i used to crash a lot. i still do, but i used to, too
stevenator128's Avatar
"Inexperienced User"
stevenator128 - 3.18.17, 8:55 pm Post #74: | Reply With Quote
Everything seems to be in order.
Never been a fan of short coarse. I've always preferred short smooth.
"inadvertent durability tester"
oldnoob69 - 3.20.17, 5:03 pm Post #75: | Reply With Quote
The world needs sarcasm. To some it is an art.
humayraykinaon's Avatar
"Mr. Postman"
humayraykinaon - 3.24.17, 12:55 pm Post #76: | Reply With Quote
oldnoob69 said
The world needs sarcasm..
I'm still here, not that it matters.
| Minpin115 | XBL 117 | RCX 130 | RCX 155 | Geprc Chimp 210 |
"inadvertent durability tester"
oldnoob69 - 3.25.17, 2:57 pm Post #77: | Reply With Quote
we all matter. or is that we're all matter? oh poo i'm really not sure.
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