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"Stay Fit"
Corrupt - 8.07.17, 3:37 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Lots of very good opinions to consider here..

Pete, have you considered waiting for snow to come around and trying the Slash out in the snow, to see how it does? Also, have you tried the Slash on the rough stuff? 2wd's are generally going to have a harder time going through rough stuff. If you test it out before-hand, you'll get a good idea on whether 2wd is good enough, or if 4x4 would do much better.

Stay Fit.
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lsear2905 - 8.07.17, 3:53 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
thorwil said
Strange. With that collection, Isear2950 has a much better base for comparison, but I was under the impression that sliding through corners is the one thing that 2WD cars are better at. Vaterra Glamis Uno (2WD so called 10th scale SCB, but actually only a bit smaller than 8th) vs SWorkz 350 BE (8th scale buggy), the Uno took less effort to get into a slide, on-power or off-power, where the SWorkz needs a rather brutal throttle stab or mean brake and turn. There was also more reason to slide with the Uno, do to poor steering

Then again, where it takes effort to get and keep the SWorkz in a slide, the Uno had to be kept from going too long and too often.
I have 2 Vaterra Glamis Fear buggies, too, and they do like to throw out the tail-end, but once the back end comes out they're very difficult to recover, due to the pendulum motion of rear motor and rear wheel drive. With patience, practice and skill it can be learned, but we're talking about a vehicle for a young boy here.
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o0wizo0 - 8.08.17, 1:45 am Post #13: | Reply With Quote
If you are looking at Slash size then just buy a Arrma Outcast. You will not look back.
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rag6 - 8.12.17, 1:24 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I've ran both drive lines. Personally I prefer the 2wd trx vehicles.

The 4wd trucks have much more potential for crazy power handling and race tuning. But if you want that crazy power, it's gonna cost you a pretty penny hopping it up to handle it. The 4wd is EASIER to work on as its maintenance ease was built into its design. There are however many more things to maintain and it takes a ton of cleaning because of the front tires whipping(sandblasting)tiny rocks and debris all over anything behind them. I had a bunch of fun with my Mt and sct slash platinums.

Somehow the challenge of driving a strong (2s vxl or cc power, not crazy power haha) bl 2wd truck and keeping up with the overpowered 4wds is very fun for me. Driving a 2wd is kinda like falling down the steps and landing on your feet... over and over and over 8) especially with the pede.

It has a solid drive line. With proper clutch settings the axles last a long time with 2s brushless. Yes you MUST address the floppy stock c blocks, but that and shock caps are the only glaring weak points. It's pretty easy to work on, because of its simple design. It's got a million years of aftermarket support behind it too. A big bonus is sharing parts with the kids truck if you go with the 2wd. Your the hero when his camber link bends, and you swap in yours to keep him bashing.

2wd slash chassis w 2.8 mashers or badlands and a cool emaxx body is my pick for funnest 1/10 basher in the fleet. I can't get enough...

These are my personal views. Yours will be different. Ask yourself exactly what you want out of it, and how much time and money your willing to spend on maintenance and hop ups and power systems etc. Either platform can be made pretty bulletproof with vxl power for low costs.

Check out ebay. Look for auctions, and try to only bid once at the end. No reason to fight with another bidder for 6 days driving the price up. You can get nicely hopped up trucks for less than rtr.

Another path is to buy the chassis, then build it how you want it from the start. Seems like it's expensive to buy it piece by piece, but you may wind up buying most of these parts in the future anyway. You don't need many expensive parts to build a great truck.

I know this prob won't make your choice any easier 8 (
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Velineon - 8.12.17, 11:20 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
we have a 2wd pede and slash 4x4. The slash 4x4 is a newer design and is honestly easier to work on compared to the pede
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MongolPete - 8.13.17, 6:32 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the thoughtful and very helpful reply rag6. I really appreciate it! I ended up following your suggestions before even reading them.

My truck to run with my son's Sla2h will be a custom build from a Rustler chassis. All the known weak points will be addressed and then some more, since it will be brushless. I decided I don't need to spend loads on options and upgrades before I even run something. The best fit for me is to get a solid, known basher, relatively cheap, and then upgrade parts as they fail.

Replies like yours, that come from your personal experience, are what make reading these kinds of forums so helpful.

Peace from Mongolia,
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