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Velineon - 8.13.17, 12:16 am Post #11: | Reply With Quote
RunningWithBeer said
Sounds pretty good I doubt it's that fast but it had decent acceleration and a respectable top end and the max temp while we had it out there was 140 after running full throttle drifting for a few mins.
Ok so it was more like 7/8 of an Exo, but nonetheless I got it to 37 mph.

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RunningWithBeer - 8.13.17, 3:27 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
Velineon said
Ok so it was more like 7/8 of an Exo, but nonetheless I got it to 37 mph.
Oh I don't doubt yours was that fast I meant I doubt my wife's was pulling 37 I'd guess 27 to 30 for her's. When I was driving the rattler on the 3660v 3500KV I'd guess it was close to 40. Unfortunately the pinon seems to have rusted/welded itself to the motor so that Tacon is toast.

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jbarelds - 8.19.17, 12:34 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
"...I opted to go with a GoolRC 3660..."

I've had great success with cheap eBay motors, 1/10th as well as 1/8th scale (40/42mm). In contrast to the Castle 1410 I used to own, blew a bearing within a few months. I know Castle's warranty is known to be excellent, but shipping costs render it pretty useless if you're not a US resident (which I am not).
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