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noob96's Avatar
noob96 - 8.26.15, 9:21 am Post #3261: | Reply With Quote
hmm what did i do today...

(build thread coming soon)
tacon thriller- 52mph so far
Axial yeti Kit(AWESOME)
ECX Circuit and Ruckus
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stevenator128's Avatar
"Inexperienced User"
stevenator128 - 8.26.15, 11:59 am Post #3262: | Reply With Quote
Are you making it mid-motor?!
She said
That's what.
"Regular user"
RunningWithBeer - Yesterday, 11:10 am Post #3263: | Reply With Quote
Got my Bronco body for my torment started last night. Drilled holes for the axial fender flares, the roof rack, and the body posts last night. The losi extended mounts weren't quite long enough but the local hobby shop had proline extended posts so I used those in the rear. Just got done washing the body and scuffing it with 500 grit sand paper. I'm waiting for it to dry so painting will start shortly.

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Ecxer's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Ecxer - Yesterday, 12:57 pm Post #3264: | Reply With Quote
Finally got around to installing, rpm rear hub carriers on the ole ruckus. Much better fit with the mip c cvd's, compared to the stock rear hub carriers.
2wd 1/10 Ecx Ruckus with 3665 3100kv 4pole brushless, Hobbywing 120A ESC.
2wd 1/10 Arrma Granite Blx with Leopard 3650 3650kv brushless, Hobbywing 120A ESC.
Axial SCX10 Deadbolt, slightly modded.
"Regular user"
RunningWithBeer - Yesterday, 4:47 pm Post #3265: | Reply With Quote
Shelf queen body is mostly done. Still need to tweak the flares a bit and get the stickers on. Also I need to work on the split sixes and gladiators for the front wheels.

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