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tsair - 5.09.17, 11:41 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
fyrstormer said
Yes. It was the Ford Raptor version though. Not sure what exactly they changed, but the offset was the same front and rear. Then I ProTrac'ed it so it can use ProTrac-offset wheels, and they too are the same offset front and rear.
Online parts diagram shows 5886 for front and 5884 for rear for the Ford Raptor Slash, is it possible you were mistaken?

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"Precision Basher"
fyrstormer - 5.10.17, 7:24 am Post #12: | Reply With Quote
They do appear to have different part numbers, but if you look up those part numbers on the Traxxas website, the photos show the same wheels, and when I still had the stock wheels I could see no difference between them.
Check out "Fyrstormer's Garage" in the General RC forum.
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JuanDLAT78 - 5.10.17, 10:57 am Post #13: | Reply With Quote
I found this a while back. Hope it helps.

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