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PoppaJ - 6.06.17, 4:20 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Well at 58 I have a new hobby, or obsession, we shall see. My eldest son had a lot of Nitro RC stuff for years, but got tired of the tuning hassle and when his son was ready he switched over to electric...
I resisted through his demo of his hot rod Rustler, but when he bought the grandson a basic 2wd Slash, well I caved.

Bought a 2wd Slash VXL, all the goodies, and after a bit of time here at home (several acres) we paddled it up and went out to Nevada to our favorite family playground, Sand Mountain, and holy cow was it a blast.

After driving a bit on a mid range LiPo my son handed over his 11.1v battery and said, " be careful, these are fun but hard on parts"
Man does it fly with that battery, rooster tail about 4 ft long climbing the dunes. And boy do I need more time behind the wheel to not look silly when driving it, LOL.

Now I am really hooked.
Look forward to learning and reading here, will do my best to stay outta the way of the experts. Bought a few STRC pieces, next are caster blocks and steering knuckles, and want to buy the best shocks I can find for this thing. Looking too dial in for sand and for dirt, and be easy to swap springs and changeover from one setup to the other.

This is a much cheaper game to play the the garage full of big stuff I have had for decades, and I am looking forward to time with the grandkids on the track I am gonna build later this summer. Got it kinda worked out in my head, just need some time on the tractor and
some flex pipe, etc. It should be fun.

Also late summer or early fall I am going to have my brother with the dump truck bring me 7 tons of sand and we will build a sand drag strip and hill climb track.
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