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MachineMan12 - 11.22.15, 7:15 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
Haven't been able to post in a while because I've been away at school, and there is no room for RC's in my dorm!

I'll try to catch you guys up on how the end of the summer went with this build. This doesn't mean that the build is over, the truck may be complete but there is still a lot of testing and tuning that I would like to do with this truck so that I can become a better driver.

Build Finish (So far)

I got the car all buttoned up by replacing the front axles with the proper length slash 2wd axles instead of the rustler ones, and bolting up the Dynamite street tires that I painted black.

Here's what it looked like before I thrashed on it too hard, beauty shots of the body.

After the first race I bolted up a stock Slash front bumper with a new fiber tie link on the bulkhead instead of the rustler RPM bumper (worked perfectly fine, just wanted the SCT bumper look). Also swapped the front bulkhead out with a newer one that I had laying around (still stock plastic but the screw holes weren't as loose / worn out).

This is the most recent picture that I have from the summer at the track. Stock length Slash shocks installed with Losi springs and zip-tied ride height! You can see the rubber bits of the the tires that get caught in the chassis tub, something that surprised me because I didn't know how hard racing would be on tires, this pic was only taken after my second race day ( ~6 heats).

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MachineMan12 - 11.22.15, 8:39 pm Post #22: | Reply With Quote
My Experience Racing

I'd like to comment on racing in general first, as I had never raced RC's ever before this past summer. I was always just a "basher" and would enjoy just putting around with some friends in an abandoned lot or baseball field, and I never really aspired for more.

After getting to know some of the guys at my LHS, they encouraged me to come out and race with them on the weekends. They set-up in a local high school's parking lot, with a medium-large sized track design, lined with plastic rain gutters and old fire-hose. It was put together very nicely with a full timing system and loaner transponders that would clip on to your trucks body if you didn't have your own. The pavement was a rough asphalt that I soon learned chewed up tires. All the regular guys had canopies and tables set up in a section lining the track as a make-shift pit section to stay cool in the summer sun and everyone would pitch in and help marshal after their events. It was a very exciting experience!

The race coordinator for the club was very accepting to everyone and even joined in on some of the races, along with announcing. After I got to know some of the guys, it was really fun battling it out on the track, as we would throw out playful comments to each other during the races. All in all I was glad to have joined in on the fun of racing, as some of the horror stories of intense competition at professional tracks can push you away from trying this aspect of the hobby.

Truck's Initial Setup

Since I mainly love wrenching and tinkering with RC's, the tuning aspect of racing really appealed to me. Here is what my basic set-up looked like, as I remember it...

- 100,000 Mugen rear diff oil
- Dynamite "SpeedTreads" Robber SC Tires (In Slash 4x4 Offset)
- Stock Slash 2wd Shocks F&R
- 40wt Associated Oil
- Losi Black springs Rear (stiffest springs)
- Losi Green springs Front (a little less stiff than black)
- Viper Copperhead ESC
- Neweer 4300kv 540 sized motor
- Combination of GensAce and Lectron 5000mah 2s lipos

For the first race I had the original Kyosho shocks which were way to tall for onroad racing and caused the truck to roll over on the wide sweeper at the end of the track. I solved this temporarily by zip tying the suspension arms to the top of the shock towers, just inside the body posts, so that it would suck down the front of the truck. I later replaced them with stock slash shocks and Losi springs. I will need to rebuild the shocks before next season with fuel tubing inside the shock body to keep the ride height low, as one of the zip ties snapped during a qualifying heat. I'll also experiment with different shock oils to see which is best with these Losi springs.

I haven't touched the camber or toe links at all, except for adding a little bit of negative camber in the rear to help fix roll over. I will need to make sure that all the links are at an equal length side-to-side so that I can fine tune the truck.

Other than that I am assuming that I will need to replace the tires, as they are pretty worn out and the wheels aren't the proper offset (slash 4x4 not slash 2wd). I was surprised how well the Dynamite tires held up, as I had grip throughout most of the track. Any suggestions for new onroad SCT tires??


As far as the motor and speed controller combo is, I'm very glad with this setup and would recommend it to anyone else looking for a decent 540 sized motor. I had the motor geared right at 150F, with the ESC never getting over 110F (getting these temps on 90F+ days). I had enough power to keep up with everyone down the back straight, some of the 4x4s were a little faster though. I noticed that with some of my older packs, power was significantly lower. My Gens Ace 2s 5000mah 40c packs were slacking compared to my newer Lectron 50c packs of equal size and I could really tell that they were less punchy and slower on the back straight. I'm assuming that this is just because the Gens Ace packs are a few years older than the Lectron pack, and that the Lectron pack had a higher C rating.

Lots of these changes were to the credit of the local racers who were kind enough to help me with a base set up. They gave me tips throughout the weeks I raced with them, and it helped me become a better racer. I am by no means a perfect driver, but by the end of the summer points series, I was able to qualify for the A-main.

If any of you are thinking about racing at a club level, I highly encourage it. The laid back environment of my local club made it very welcoming to a newbie like me. I met a lot of great local RCers and developed my driving skills along the way. I will definitely be back out on the track again this summer!
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Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
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MachineMan12 - 5.19.17, 11:39 am Post #23: | Reply With Quote
Truck is for sale if anyone is interested
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Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
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MaX-D - 6.13.17, 11:25 am Post #24: | Reply With Quote
MachineMan12 said
Truck is for sale if anyone is interested
How much?
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