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"Experienced user"
Noahs slash - 12.30.11, 8:36 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote
thanks good video
burlap1980's Avatar
"Experienced user"
burlap1980 - 1.03.12, 12:47 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
great info going out now to clean mine up
scottfish's Avatar
"Experienced user"
scottfish - 1.21.12, 3:05 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
Anything labeled "critical" must be important. I just did a bit of a teardown in order to do this myself. Got a little nervous about pulling the drive shafts fully off (didn't want to get ham-fisted in prying them off) so I left them on the car when I did it.

I think this was about 20% necessary at this stage of the game for me, but it was invaluable in learning about how things go together.
pkennedy's Avatar
"Experienced user"
pkennedy - 2.10.12, 5:31 am Post #34: | Reply With Quote
great tip. I think i will clean my half shafts this week.
Alonejog's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Alonejog - 3.12.12, 5:49 pm Post #35: | Reply With Quote
Thanks great info
"Experienced user"
ATS_Scott - 6.01.12, 5:59 am Post #36: | Reply With Quote
I did the scraping technique to my axles a couple weeks ago after seeing this post. I tried scraping the entire axle as shown, and in my case found that just scraping the sharp edge of the grooves was all that was needed. Anyway its a great idea and drastically improves handling.
"Experienced user"
race4food - 6.09.12, 9:45 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
Great call!! Just did the shafts on mine and its a night and day difference. Also flipped the shafts around I think that makes alot of sense.
DriveItLikeYSIT's Avatar
"Experienced user"
DriveItLikeYSIT - 7.14.12, 6:00 pm Post #38: | Reply With Quote
Great words of wisdom from the JANG..Who is this dude on his avatar??
joecool's Avatar
"Experienced user"
joecool - 7.15.12, 12:52 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
I just got a slash 4x4 what should be my first upgrade
"Experienced user"
torchrob - 7.16.12, 2:33 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
i dont clean the center diff just like the tires and well almost everything els so hoew do you clean the center diff
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