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MachineMan12 - 5.15.15, 9:28 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hello URC Forum!

Since I had lost my old account (Machine-_Man) to the site outage, I thought it would be time to finally start a build thread for my Slash 2wd with this new account. I originally bought it from my friend as a rustler with some modifications already done, and my goal has been to transform it into a slash that can perform reasonably well on the track. But since this will mainly be a log for my build over time, the end goal may change (heck there is really no end goal in this hobby!) I will try to keep this first post updated on the major phases of the car as I go along.

Started life as a 2wd rustler.

-MIP driveshafts and outputs
-Traxxas rear hub carriers
-Viper RC 3900kv 4 pole copperhead motor and ESC
-Unknown Kyosho big bore shocks
-Proline 2.2 Dirt Hawg tires and HPI rims
-Extra Proline 2.2 paddle tires on HPI rims
The original reason for the purchase from my friend was for something to drive at the beach, and I hadn't owned any traxxas 2wd trucks before so why not now.

The start of an SCT

-Traxxas slash 2wd front hexes
-Traxxas slash 2wd LCG conversion
-JConcepts choppers premounted front and rear
-RPM gear box housing
-Stock Traxxas Slash body

Phase 2 got me up and off the ground as a ďSCTĒ yet I still had rustler rear arms and driveshafts and no way to mount the body, but it ran and started to look like one.

Right now Iím focused on painting the body (this will be my first) and making custom body mounts, as well as dying the RPM gear box black because the chassis blue and RPM blue donít match as well as I had hoped.
Let me know what you guys think, this will basically be a log of all I do for this truck.

Will update with pics soon!
(Previously Machine-_Man. Cannot retrieve old account)
Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
muphasta's Avatar
"Experienced user"
muphasta - 5.16.15, 1:25 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
PIX Pix Pics!!!
MachineMan12's Avatar
"Experienced user"
MachineMan12 - 5.18.15, 11:47 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Okay so I finished painting the body. I chose the stock one because I like the way it looks and didn't want to ruin a nice Proline body. The Viper and Spektrum logos are painted. It looks really good from about 5 feet away but as you get closer you can see the bleeding. I used painters tape for masking, I might use liquid mask next time.

Let me know what you think!

And then with stickers...

I think its pretty good for my first paint job!
(Previously Machine-_Man. Cannot retrieve old account)
Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
DrJVogel's Avatar
"Obstacle Magnet"
DrJVogel - 5.20.15, 2:37 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
That amazing. First time too. I can hardly paint a body one color.

Once you get your masking skills down you will be incredible!

I like the bleeding on the Viper logo --- it looks intentional.

You did a fantastic job.
RC addict and loving it
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SHOrdr's Avatar
"Experienced user"
SHOrdr - 5.21.15, 12:55 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
+1 DrJ the bleed on the viper logo looks killer and very intentional. as a first time paint job easy 9/10, cant have them looking too perfect some of the stuff i make now i dont even use cuz it looks too bash lol
-SHO 3x RWD Traxxas Slash (my fleet), and a merv.
MachineMan12's Avatar
"Experienced user"
MachineMan12 - 5.22.15, 12:21 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Thanks @DrJVogel and @SHOrdr! I definitely think that liquid mask will help keep cleaner lines next time.

So far I've decided to go with a custom rear body mount as I had an SCTE proline body mount kit and wanted to make it work. Basically its just a piece of aluminum angle iron that I bolted the SCTE proline mount to. This will then mount on the rear shock tower of the Slash where the holes are for the stock rear mount.

I also started to take apart the gearbox to get ready to dye it. I'm going to have to pick up some Slash rear arms, links, and driveshafts to complete the rear end as it is still in Rustler width. I could probably run Rustler rear width but it sticks out from the body a little bit and I'm not sure if I'd be ROAR legal (13 inches right?)

Let me know what you guys think...

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(Previously Machine-_Man. Cannot retrieve old account)
Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
MachineMan12's Avatar
"Experienced user"
MachineMan12 - 6.05.15, 4:54 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
So I dyed the RPM gearbox black and received my HR sealed diff in the mail along with another body to paint! The body is for my RC18t that I am converting to SCT.

Here you can see where the dye didn't fully soak into the gearbox due to the tiny crevasses that I couldn't clean the grease from. No big deal since it is inside the housing and no one will see it.

Outside looks good though!

HR Diff...

(Previously Machine-_Man. Cannot retrieve old account)
Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
MachineMan12's Avatar
"Experienced user"
MachineMan12 - 7.06.15, 7:08 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Haven't updated in a while so here's what happened in the last two weeks.

While I waited to get drive shafts and diff oil, I went ahead and installed the Avid bearing kit

Everything went in without a hitch. I love the look of the yellow seals for some reason, especially in the black gearbox. All of these are the revolution bearings, so they only have one side rubber sealed, while the other is metal shielded.

The steering bell crank was a pain to get to, basically have to pull the whole front end apart.

And then put most of the gearbox back together while I moved on to the diff.

(Previously Machine-_Man. Cannot retrieve old account)
Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
stampede_dude's Avatar
"Brandon B."
stampede_dude - 7.06.15, 10:21 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
How much did the bearings cost? Do you think they are better than a wholly rubber sealed bearing? I've always stuck with rubber seal off road, but could see how a hybrid bearing may provide a tiny benefit if the metal side was faced inward.
MachineMan12's Avatar
"Experienced user"
MachineMan12 - 7.07.15, 9:10 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
The bearing kit was only $19 from Avid's site. To me it's hard to tell the difference between the regular bearings and these revolutions, but it makes sense that it would be freer than a fully sealed bearing, and they're about $1 a bearing so I thought "why not?" I just made sure to have the rubber side out to prevent dirt from getting in. The only place where I was confused about which side to put out was in the tranny on the opposite side of the idler gear as its location is completely sealed from the outside!

So after I got all the bearings in I started on the HR diff. Too bad it'll be stuffed in the trans case as it looks great!

The package comes with 4 o-rings, 2 large ones to seal each diff halve with the ring gear in between, and two smaller ones to seal the output shafts. The ring gear is metal (steel?) and looks like it will hold up fine just like my previous vxl diff case, the only difference now is that it will be tune-able with oil, and its actually sealed. It also came with its own hex screws, which I wrapped in teflon tape to prevent any leaking, as it was recommended by a user on the traxxas forums.

I just swapped the internal gears from the previous diff, which is bone dry...

Used this multipurpose grease to seal the o-rings, I hope it helps...

Using 20,000wt diff oil...

And then all sealed up and placed back in the tranny. I was suprised that the back of the screw holes were just open, maybe this is where some oil could leak if you don't use teflon tape.

Next step is to install the transmission and button it all up!

Comments/questions are welcome!
(Previously Machine-_Man. Cannot retrieve old account)
Savage Flux -- Slash 2wd LCG -- RC18t
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