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Fiero_Man_121 - 9.17.15, 9:11 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote
got crazy overtime last week so i had money weighing me down, engine is bought a paid for. a-main didnt have it in stock, nor did anoy of my other regular online hobby shops. i caved and found them on ebay for 150 w/free shipping. comes with everything i need! all ill have to do is find a clutch bell big enough for what im doing and figure out a way to mount it using the stock engine mount base.

im also starting to take other parts of this car seriously. last night i went through my shock sets and a-arms looking for an appropriate set, i found both.

after digging through all my different shocks in my traxxas and associated parts collections as well as all the other places ive got shock sets stashed i went through, what i like to call, my "top shelf parts" bag. i keep all my nip parts and my really really good stuff there be it hard to find vintage or just parts i keep on hand that i bought for that "special car". well in there i had a few shocks but the set i settled on were a set of mint traxxas pro series shocks, a wonderful teal/aqua blue that will pop like crazy under the primer'd body. i was saving them for a trx1 offroad shelf queen project ill likely never do but seeing as i was gonna drop a 170 dollar engine in this pile, i might as well use some sweet shocks too.

while i was digging for shocks i was also mulling around for arms and a front shock tower, and more importantly, a general chassis feel that will lend itself to go-fast performance. to me its not just "build car, put in a big engine". i want it to handle well on non-prepped gritty, bumpy, asphalt with 1:1 cars and road reflectors to contend with (the main reason i didnt enter a traxxas fiero chassis into the competition the first chance i got). the front end needs to be numb and soft but at the same time not sloppy (especially not while traveling full bore down the street. at the same time, i also want narrow arms with good adjustability. what i wound up with is stock losi xx buggy rear arms and traxxas srt/bandit fronts. the reason i chose the losi rears is very self explanatory, they are rigid, have toe-in , and mirrored lower shock mounting locations. the fronts were from an srt specifically. traxxas has made running plastic composition changes to those arms for decades now (literally). the plastic compound on the srt arms is a little harder and that makes them more rigid.

i alo decided i wanted a more rigid hub carrier so i went through my race pit box and grabbed up a set of traxxas 4-tec rear hubs.

going back to what i was saying about numbness from the front i decided to go with the stock shock tower. i have an srt fiberglass tower cut down to fit a pede but i dont like how rigid it was.

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stadiumangt - 9.18.15, 2:39 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
Nice progress
tmdz28 said
Common sense is a luxury nowadays. Sadly.
Heeelmooi said
Now add Cancel Croatians Mumbai Monastary in there
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Hpi-guy - 9.18.15, 8:35 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
Good job so far, subbed!
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bryan354 - 9.18.15, 10:07 pm Post #34: | Reply With Quote
I was messing around with some new and old stampede chassis the other day (electric) and i swear the late 90's one felt stiffer compared to the new xl5's. Good to know im not imagining this haha.

Been watching this for a bit, i really like the idea and the execution so far. Looking forward to more. Why did you want the plastic tower over fiberglass? Is it just more flex for un-preped surfaces?
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JesterTheJoker - 9.19.15, 6:16 am Post #35: | Reply With Quote
you mounted 4-tec rear hubs? i should dig out my extra rs-4 rear hubs and throw then on my slash, good plastic, and they have many, MANY roll center and camber link options
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Fiero_Man_121 - 9.22.15, 11:02 am Post #36: | Reply With Quote
this is gonna be a long one fellers, been at it for almost 3 days strait between shifts at work. got a lot done and im about halfway done this build.

Day 1

I set out simply to build a set of shocks and 3 hours later i had the suspension complete.

front shocks have Kipps purple/7lb springs with 50wt oil and a single hole piston. out back is are blue/3lb spring with 35wt oil and 2 hole pistons.

moved the tower to the uppermost position and its bang on perfect!

arms were mounted and shimmed. no slop here

Day 2

I had the day off and had electronics installed before lunch.

battery, servos.

rx needed a few holes drilled to make it secure.

after that, axles were cut down and installed with stainless bearings. i stole the outdrive yolks from my throwback brushless pede. also stole the front skid from the pede while i had it in my lap.

those outdrives look mighty rusty to me.

at that point i was ready to start working on some of my other projects when my nova showed up. of course my plan went out the window and it was mocked up in a matter of minutes. i was wrong about what all is included as well. i still need an air filter, flywheel, and split cone washer specifically.

once it was mocked up i started running into problems. the carburetor is a slide type where as the trx 15 is a rotary type. no biggie right? "ill just switch it around a little" so i did, and after digging for a linkage long enough to reach the opposite corner of the engine i remembered that i need brakes, the way the linkages worked the brakes were simply not part of the equation. after a little work though i got it sort of right.

still needs work to get it smooth and pull the brakes tighter but i think this is a decent solution. for now.

my next problem was the exhaust manifold. it pushes the pipe out way too much to fit under the body.

wasnt 100% sure about that theory though so the body was mocked up and mounted with body mounts. and no, it does not fit. it was about an inch too far out. good excuse to mount the body though.

i plan to order a new manifold this week or next. along with the final bits i need to get the engine fired and broken.
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Velineon - 9.22.15, 4:49 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
For front arms try: LS II rears, bandit f/r, telluride, or Nitro 4tec rear.
Telluride arms allowed me to tuck 2.2 st wheels in sct body.

I would see if you can mount the battery or fuel tank behind the rear axle, to get proper gasser weight distribution.

Could you get a rear exhaust setup like a Slayer?
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Fiero_Man_121 - 9.22.15, 5:49 pm Post #38: | Reply With Quote
Why would i try new arms? I picked what i did for the reasons i did. Everything is thought out. I want weight forward, not backward. I can get more then enough traction through suspension setup, tire selection, and other factors.

I appreciate the suggestion though
Florida Oval Racer | Vintage traxxas collector | Mad Scientist
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"Semi-Vacationing User"
Velineon - 9.22.15, 7:41 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
Fiero_Man_121 said
Why would i try new arms?
I thought you meant the front arms were about an inch too far out
RCs Owned: Traxxas Slash 4x4 - Muscle Slash, Axial Exo-Terra Buggy, Tamiya TT-02 - 73 Carrera RS/85 AE86 Trueno Coupe
"If it ain't broke, fix it till it is."
people who use pnvv quotes in their sig are dorky sheeple
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TRX Stampede - 9.22.15, 11:36 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
Velineon said
I thought you meant the front arms were about an inch too far out
no its the pipe that's to far out, speaking of which, it would be cool if you did a dual exhaust out the back
i know it may be hard but try to think outside the box! 😊
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