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kartracer25 - 4.28.17, 8:56 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I have a Traxxas Slash 4x4 with center diff. I have a hit or miss deal going with the stock spur gear. The last spur gear lasted quite a while, ran 50 packs before failure, other times gone as few as 10 packs before failure. I have noticed during back lash check, I have to tighten up the back lash, also notice the spur gear starting to wear.
My question is, what are the drawbacks of a metal spur gear?
FYI, I run on my backyard track, very small, 60'x24', on throttle and brakes a lot.
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Backyard RC - 4.29.17, 11:40 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Hot Racing makes some good stuff for the Slash.


Some people that don't like steel spur gears complain about the noise. I don't have a steel spur on my Slash so I can't comment on the noise level but usually I can set the gear mesh so it isn't an issue.

I'd love to see a picture of your backyard track.
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DrJVogel - 5.06.17, 2:47 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
A plastic spur gear is a lot like a fuse. It is a pain when it needs to be replaced but better than the greater damage that could happen without it.
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Kingy - 5.06.17, 3:57 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
What exactly is happening to your spur that you have to replace it so often? Even 50 runs isn't very long at all, especially for 32p. For what it's worth, I've never worn out a spur, the only time I've ever had to replace one that wasn't for a gearing change was due to either the motor backing away or a rock getting jammed against it.
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LucasHood - 5.06.17, 4:40 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
I've got the Robinson racing slipper/spur on my 2wd. Buddy has rr unit on his 4x4. No problems for either of us in a little over a year. Just make sure if you get a hardened spur that you get a hard pinion gear too. RR has the absolute series (i think that's the name) that is made for their slipper/spur units.
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MasteroFlego - 5.06.17, 8:31 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
I'd pretty much always use a plastic spur, because a spur is cheaper and easier to replace than pretty much everything else in the drivechain.
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riderinblack - 5.08.17, 10:35 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
DrJVogel said
A plastic spur gear is a lot like a fuse. It is a pain when it needs to be replaced but better than the greater damage that could happen without it.

This! 1000 times this! +1
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kartracer25 - 5.20.17, 8:34 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
The type of failure I am having, is the teeth of the spur gear are being worn off the gear, and the pinion is wearing out as well. Is it common practice to replace the pinion when replacing the spur gear? I installed a new pinion and a new spur gear, the spur gear last 50 packs, replace just the spur gear and both the pinion and the spur gear are toast after 10 packs. I find it difficult to set the gear lash due to plastic gears are cast and don't run true ,as you rotate the gear they are tight in spots and loose in other spots. The tight spots seem to go with the spur gear, not with the pinion gear. I just installed a new center diff with a new pinion and spur and have the same situation.
In the pictures posted:
The gear on the left was installed with a new pinion and lasted 50 packs, the gear on the right was installed with the same pinion and lasted 10 packs , both the pinion and spur are toast. I have noticed in the past the pinion teeth seem to hook to one side.

Your guess is as good as mine.
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rex6638 - 5.21.17, 3:21 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
I've never seen a pinion wear like that on a plastic spur. I'm still using pinions on my rustler that have over 10 years of use and the teeth only look polished. Try using hardened pinions from Losi or Robinson Racing, htey will last forever against a plastic spur.
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guys2nv - 5.21.17, 8:52 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
Ouch, looking at those pics, you might have an issue somewhere else. If you have an issue it's going to be the motor mount bearing or the slipper adapter usually. I'd take the truck apart and inspect those parts before replacing anything else.

What Slash 4x4 model do you have and are those parts (motor mount & slipper adapter) still the original plastic parts?

Those two parts are common failure points from when the original Slash 4x4 came out in 2009.

Kingheadz makes a 7075 aluminum motor mount that comes with a bigger, sturdier bearing (10mm x 19mm x 5mm) and a 7075 aluminum slipper adapter to fix those common issues. These parts are basically must have upgrades to me for the Slash 4x4 if you drive even slightly aggressive.

They make the parts for both the old HCG and LCG chassis.


You can also run a full metal shielded bearing instead of a rubber sealed one: http://www.avidrc.com/product/8/metr...-bearings.html

On my Stampede 4x4 I use an aluminum TRP brand (no longer sold) motor mount, kingheadz slipper adapter, RRP xtra hard pinions and stock Traxxas spurs and haven't had any issues with it and I run 3s.

Robinson Pinions (I use the #87xx & #86xx pinions): http://www.robinsonracing.com/catalog/5mm_pinion.html

If you have an 1/8" (3.2mm) shaft motor, get the 5mm to 1/8" adapter, #1200.
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