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lukeman269 - 5.05.17, 4:30 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I'm thinking about buying a slash 4x4 but how tough is it out of the box?

What critical parts are a MUST to prevent things from breaking?

I plan to use it for short course racing and using it for backyard jumps.

Is there a certain edition that is worth buying over another? There seems to be like 4 different slash trucks to pick from.
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Jim85IROC - 7.12.17, 3:39 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
The only weak part in my opinion is the plastic drive shafts. For 2s, upgrading the rears to something stronger is mandatory. For 3s, upgrade the fronts too. Everything else is reliable. Some things will break here or there, but the driveshafts are really the only thing guaranteed to break.
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nickandluke - 7.12.17, 3:47 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Just get a real 1/8. Like a arrma. Its more money but way better. Racing and backyard dont mix. I recommend a losi or AE if real competitive at your track.but if you are just messing around racing. The slash is great with other slashes
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Billy Kelly - 7.12.17, 5:39 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Post is from 2 months ago. He's long gone by now.
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thegrafxguy - 7.12.17, 6:11 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
It at least looks like JANG is doing his job again though, I've see a bunch of new guys posting and getting approved in a week.
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onedoesnotrc - 7.12.17, 7:44 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Billy Kelly said
Post is from 2 months ago. He's long gone by now.
My posts and threads didn't get approved right away, but i still came back and check regularly. Dunno if I'm the only one…lol
I'm just a guy who likes all kinds of RC vehicles
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Billy Kelly - 7.12.17, 8:05 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
onedoesnotrc said
My posts and threads didn't get approved right away, but i still came back and check regularly. Dunno if I'm the only one…lol
Most don't. There have been a number of delayed first post that have shown up over past few weeks. And the original poster hasn't responded in them.

Besides there are 1000s of " is the Slash good " threads available with a google search. Considering how long the Slash has been around, every possible pro and con has been well documented
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lukeman269 - 7.24.17, 10:37 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the responses guys! I actually picked up a cheap slash 4x4 roller to bash with and let friends use. So far so good on not breaking anything even with stock parts. I only run 2s though.

Kind of glad my posts are finally coming though though. That took awhile.
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Mxmumpwr - 8.08.17, 10:17 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
I bought my 7yo a HCG roller and quickly picked up many parts I knew would likely need replacing quickly. I did a few preventative mods as well like a roll cage and RPM undercarriage servo guard. With the roll cage, I've not had to replace a body in two years. My son has two and they are both in great condition.

The only thing I've had to replace due to breakage was a front LCA. But, I had already bought the rpm upgrades so I quickly swapped the fronts out. He is still running the plastic axles even though I picked up a set of solid state drives. He's not racing and they are like new....so why fix if it isn't broken?

I did go ahead and upgrad his hex's to aluminum as they did show signs of wear. I also replaced the shocks with the GTR versions because I was tired of the caps coming off.

I also installed an old TheToyz chassis zipper shroud to keep out dust/debri and installed a swaybar kit.

So a few things I found helped with this truck. So the only real "repair" I've done is the LCA and maybe the hex's. But I'm sure the way my son loves to slam into curbs and mailboxes that I would have replaced much more by now without some of the preventative mods.
Slash 4x4 - HCG
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Corrupt - 8.08.17, 10:52 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
My Slash 4x4's were very good to me. They took a beating, that's for sure! Didn't complain much. I only had to retire them after everything was starting to wear on them. Became too much upkeep and replacements.

Stay Fit.
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