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MongolPete - 8.01.17, 6:10 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Greetings from sunny Ulaanbaatar!

14 days and $37 later, his Slash has finally arrived.

I have pretty much decided that my RC, to go along with my son's new Slash, will be a Stampede 4x4 (brushed). I like the idea of compatibility with parts and battery sharing etc... and I think a monster truck should be 4WD. Please tell me if you think the 2WD Stampede will be a batter choice. Plus, I like the idea of going brushless later, with my own ESC/motor choices.

So, just like the initial durability upgrades for the Slash (alum. shock caps and caster blocks, front bumper), what upgrades are needed for the 4x4 Stampede (not VXL) to save it from breaking on early runs? Once I have these two RCs set up for durability, my plan (haha) is to upgrade ONLY as they break.

I have not yet ordered the pe4e for myself, so if you really think I'd be better off with a different rig, I'd consider that as well.

I look forward to your advice, as always.

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stewdogg - 8.01.17, 7:09 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Man, that is awesome that you are posting from Mongolia! Welcome to the forums!

What type of running will you be doing? What types of terrain?
I would suggest going brushless right away, but understand wanting to pick out your own electronics. I just haven't had any luck with brushless past a couple of runs. They always seem to burn out very quickly, even if you take the care to break them in properly.
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Thumper01 - 8.01.17, 7:23 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
A 2wd Pede would be more fun to drive along with a 2wd Slash, IMO. They share a ton of parts. Likewise, a Pede 4x4 shares many parts with the Slash 4x4. Any of those would benefit from aluminum shock caps.

A 2wd Pede needs a front bumper and upgraded caster blocks to be as durable as a Slash. Everyone has their own set of preferences when it comes to what needs upgraded on these trucks, so this is just my experience. I generally just upgrade as things break, but lots of people do it before even running the vehicle in stock form. It's just preference really.

Honestly, if your not beating on them hard they will hold up just fine right out of the box. This is especially true for the Slash. That big short course body helps protect some of the things that commonly break on the rest of the Traxxas 2wd lineup. The 4x4 brushed Pede probably wouldn't need anything upgraded if it stays in stock form.
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Billy Kelly - 8.01.17, 7:23 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Oh that's just cool. Mongolia.
"New user"
MongolPete - 8.01.17, 5:15 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the replies,

"What type of running will you be doing? What types of terrain?"

Hi stew. Almost all off-road, rugged with some grass, rocks and soon, ice and snow. That is mainly why I am thinking 4WD.

"A 2wd Pede would be more fun to drive along with a 2wd Slash, IMO."

Thanks Thumper. I'd love to go with the 2WD but am worried about getting hung up on rough stuff. Would it manage? Besides, once I'm done with the bumper, alum shock caps and caster block upgrades, the 2WD price gets closer to the initial price of the 4x4.

Hi Billy. Yes it is cool here, especially in Winter. It hits -40 regularly!

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"Stay Fit"
Corrupt - 8.02.17, 10:27 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Welcome Pete. Glad you could join the forums.

It sounds like you'd definitely want a 4x4 vehicle. 2wd is just as much fun, but 4x4 is much better in rougher stuff. To make a 2wd capable of handling the rougher stuff remotely as good as a 4x4 handles it, they require some work.

If you're using the brushed P4de, just run it stock. Replace and upgrade as it breaks.

Stay Fit.
"Experienced user"
Billy Kelly - 8.02.17, 1:53 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Wasn't referring to temps when I said "cool". It's cool that someone from your country is into RC. Not part of the world I'd expect that from. Though did see your city on a tv show fairly recently.
"New user"
MongolPete - 8.02.17, 7:19 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Hi Bill,

Yes, I was being clever (apparently not clever enough). HA!

I am from NYC, USA! I just happen to live here in beautiful Mongolia.

Any thoughts one way or the other on 2WD vs. 4WD Stampede?

"Experienced user"
Billy Kelly - 8.02.17, 7:31 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
MongolPete said
Hi Bill,

Yes, I was being clever (apparently not clever enough). HA!

I am from NYC, USA! I just happen to live here in beautiful Mongolia.

Any thoughts one way or the other on 2WD vs. 4WD Stampede?

That had to be an interesting path to get there. Wasn't sure sometimes members from other countries have better English.

Stampede 4x is still one of my favorite. Yeah it's got well documented flaws that can be upgraded as much as a wallet will allow. I'm a minimalist with upgrades. Went overboard on first couple vehicles.
2wheel drive has its place. It's a great test of driving ability. My Grave Digger is on year 5. Flat grass, baseball fields, and pavement. It's got a tendency to flip. Not the worst but walking over can get old.
I'm not good at choosing. I've owned around a 100 vehicles

You should send a picture or video to Traxxas. With the city name, something that shows clearly where you are. I could see a " RC from around the world " thing from them. Just an idea.
(Last edited by Billy Kelly : 8.02.17 at 7:38 pm)
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nickandluke - 8.02.17, 8:25 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
Mongolian bbq. Yea those places are great. How about a 4x4 slash with big tires and a baja bug body. I never owned a traxxas but ive seen it done and since u want part compatibility. Cant get better than that

Or go with a mt body from proline. That would be my only choice from traxxas.

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