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mutinyofthemind's Avatar
"Experienced user"
mutinyofthemind - 6.01.16, 4:22 pm Post #3351: | Reply With Quote
Had my ECX Ruckus delivered today!

Immediately zip-tied the steering servo.

Bound it to my DX4C and ran it a bit.

Currently swapping out the brushed setup for a 60amp Hobbywing ESC and a 36x58 3600KV motor. Adjusted the ESC tray and the battery hold down tabs to fit a hardcase lipo, then modded the hold down itself to better clear the wires since I have the two foam pads towards the front of the battery tray.

Up next is gorilla taping the interior of the body.

I definitely want some better tires. Probably trenchers since I can pick those up locally.

From there, see how things go... may throw my SRS4210 in it to have AVC and put it's SR310 into my Mugen. (Don't use the AVC in my buggy)
Mugen MBX-6 Eco "Freight Train"; Xerun SCT Pro, Xerun 4068 2250KV.
Gmade Komodo.
ECX Ruckus 2WD.
jwsewell's Avatar
"Regular user"
jwsewell - 6.06.16, 10:02 pm Post #3352: | Reply With Quote
I mounted up a set of 2.8 Badlands on my 4x4 Torment today.

My body is already torn to pieces and I think I going to go ahead and do a buggy / truggy conversion.

Gobs of grip on dusty / sandy hard pack and more sky wheelies than I could count today!!
(Last edited by jwsewell : 6.06.16 at 10:20 pm) Reason: add pic
4WD Torment, 2.8 Badlands, Powerstrokes
Hobbywing SC-C1 combo 3400kv on 3s 12T pinion (on 2s 15T)
Savox SW-1210SG
jwsewell's Avatar
"Regular user"
jwsewell - 6.08.16, 12:29 pm Post #3353: | Reply With Quote
2.8 badlands, CC sct 3800kv combo and 50% brake setting equals broken teeth on front ring gear
4WD Torment, 2.8 Badlands, Powerstrokes
Hobbywing SC-C1 combo 3400kv on 3s 12T pinion (on 2s 15T)
Savox SW-1210SG
RCdad's Avatar
"Experienced user"
RCdad - 6.20.16, 5:06 pm Post #3354: | Reply With Quote
Went through another rpm steering block for my ruckus. The fine threaded shoulder screws ripped right out, lost those. Put a new set of the screws in only to have them fallout within minutes, even superglued them. Sucks, rpm wont warranty stripped plastics and the steering blocks are only sold in a set
Rc18t, hobbywing 25a, 7800 kv
Sc8.2e, stockish
Ruckus 2wd, hobbywing wpsc8, quicrun 3656 3800kv, traxxas big bores, solar d771, mip x duty axles
Hubsan X4
nino's Avatar
nino - 6.20.16, 9:44 pm Post #3355: | Reply With Quote
Yeah, that is the single worst part on the 2wd ECXs, the shoulder screws. I replaced the front hub carriers with rears (rotated 90 degrees) and put a bolt and nut through. Widens the front track but then I swap front and rear hexes and voila.

Also have another set of hub carriers from a BZ-444 that I managed to get to fit to the ecx caster blocks. Anything's better than stock. And the idiotic shoulder screws that come in a pack of 10 or whatever and only 4 of them fit.
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jwsewell's Avatar
"Regular user"
jwsewell - 6.28.16, 11:28 pm Post #3356: | Reply With Quote

I still have to cut out and apply some decals.
I might end up trimming the body more to get it to sit deeper on the chassis......
4WD Torment, 2.8 Badlands, Powerstrokes
Hobbywing SC-C1 combo 3400kv on 3s 12T pinion (on 2s 15T)
Savox SW-1210SG
slowmethinks's Avatar
"Regular user"
slowmethinks - 6.29.16, 2:03 am Post #3357: | Reply With Quote
I upgraded the heck out of my AMP DB. Kinexis brushless combo, aluminum parts and shocks, TrackStar Tx/Rx.

And then I drove it straight into a wall... lol.

Dromida MT4.18 X2, Dromida BX4.18

ECX Ruckus 4WD BL, Ruckus 2WD
bugoff75's Avatar
"rehsaB darykcaB"
bugoff75 - 7.01.16, 6:20 am Post #3358: | Reply With Quote
This Space For Rent.
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