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"New user"
NeilB - 4.16.17, 1:39 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hi all,

New to the site but hoping to be a regular poster in time but would like to pick your brains for a bit first if you don't mind?

I'm looking to take my first foray into the world of RC Cars as a hobby (this will not be fully fledged racing or anything like that just simply for fun) and not really sure what to look at as a beginner setup.

I have a few ideas in mind after doing a little novice research & have come up with these ideas..

Stadium truck

I decided on Electric for the fact that it seems easier for a beginner (same with an RTR kit tbh) & a Stadium Truck as they look really good & a nice cross between Buggy & Monster Truck (both of which I've always liked)
Also I can easily run it when I take my daughter the parks at weekends

The bit I'm finding hard is which manufacturer to look at, I will admit to being a fan of HPI trucks...this stems from a love of their on road cars which I looked into around the early 2000s (might have been the RS4) which was the last time I looked into RC cars & there seems like a lot of firms are out there offering good kits & I want to make sure I'm buying quality.

Sorry for the long pos

Thanks in advance for any help

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"Inexperienced user"
Joshua KJ - 6.17.17, 8:00 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
This is technically my first RC car. Has a few weak spots but is a solid platform. Since you like HPI I guess it would be great for you.
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"Experienced user"
doctyler - 6.17.17, 9:34 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
there's a lot of good choices...question is what is your price range?
Enough cars and trucks....I may have a problem.
"Regular user"
Noel2 - 6.18.17, 10:20 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
This guy probably isn't even looking at this thread anymore. He posted two months ago. Another thread that got approved way too late .

Anyways, a brushed blitz would be a pretty good start. But since HPI isn't doing very well with parts support right now, another good stadium truck could be a 2wd slash. I feel hypocritical recommending a traxxas RC, but honestly for a first RC it's a great option. No worries about parts support, you have everything you need, and there's plenty of hop ups/upgrades out there.
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