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Sneetches - 5.19.17, 5:03 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
Quick Pics: Yeti XL vs XCR...Yep, even the giant 8th scale is no match for a real 5th scale.

And here's the out of the box problem I was talking about:

Again, really not sure how that could have happened, it's like something pinched both of them the exact same way, right on top of the grommet. Very odd.

Otherwise, the reasons I ended up going with the XCR:

$700 ARR, just a really good deal when compared to the DBXL.
Losi MTXL a tad too big, didn't want the tires or the body.
No DBXL v2 Gas-version in site for right now
Parts compatibility with DBXL

Now I know I'm leaving out the 5ive-T/B, but that's on a completely different price level for now. I'm also not really adding the Baja 5B/T since they're non existent in this area and I didn't want to go used with gas nor with the clones yet either. Sounds weird but I'd also like to take a break from electric, I'm just tired of buying/managing batteries and would rather mix gas. I also don't want to spend $200 on batteries for <30 mins of run time. Otherwise, I have ideas for a large track, and the two-stroke sound won't be an issue without any neighbors around. I don't plan on beating the hell out of it with 50 foot jumps, just taking it for hill climbs and cruising around. I expect to have it running by next weekend, just gotta pick up servos, killswitch, battery, and RX.
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Dave_S - 5.19.17, 5:11 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
That's weird, looks like they were hard or brittle in that area and just broke.
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