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1fox2go - 3.27.17, 4:50 pm Post #21: | Reply With Quote
For 2wd I vote Arrma. I sometimes feel guilty the abuse I put mine through.

Parts support is right on with what 2wheelflyer said. Order online, usually in the mailbox in 3 days. Once I figured out what I would break the most i ordered a couple extras next time around.

And they are so cheap you can get a roller on ebay for around 50-75$
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2WheelFlyer - 3.28.17, 10:29 am Post #22: | Reply With Quote
slick2500 said
Well most of the parts cost the same price or less than they do online, plus I don't have to wait 3-7 days for the parts to arrive.
That is hard to believe but maybe in your neck of the woods. Metal gear diffs are $18 -$20 online delivered to my door here in Phoenix, I once had to go to an LHS (25 miles each way) and ended up paying $30 with tax (plus gas and my time). Not worth it.
7 days shipping? maybe to Alaska...
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