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rag6 - 7.16.17, 5:03 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
So I'm doing a project on a low dollar lightened slash. I'm looking for a low budget, sensored combo that will be a little more powerful and cooler running than the brushed stock combo. This will see 90% track duty on our rather large homade track:

Running 2s 50 to 70c. Running short course tires and a 1/8 buggy body with helion dominus 1/10 wing. Current xl5 gearing is 86/19, and I can't gear any higher due to motor heat. Temps run up to 140f on 90+ days, and I do check motor temps often.

My problem is not enough top speed. I've lightened the truck by turning it into a buggy, and slightly Jangifieing it. Don't want to take too much material away, but I've lightened it at least a half pound, maybe more. I did that to take load off of the titan so I could gear up. We'll I can go to a 20 tooth pinion on days under 90, but still have issues clearing the big jump, which crosses another portion of track. If I can't make that jump, I have to drive through fast cross traffic instead of jumping over it.

The goal with this project is to beat my buddies and their 4wd 2.8 mt tire slashes. I'm a little better at both tuning and driving than them. They don't think I can build a 2wd to keep up with their 4wds hehehe 8). Right now I'm even with them in the tight sections but getting buried on the long straight, and that 1 big jump.

The mild power of the titan is helpful in getting through the turns on this loose surface, so I don't want a torque monster. I've only ran castle and traxxas 4 pole combos up to this point, and have not tried (and have no real knowledge of) any of the many budget brands from hobby king, etc...I know a vxl or castle system I have here will just overpower the vehicle.

So I'm looking for smooth power, more top end, cool running (under 160f on a 90 day) and a tried and true dependable system. I know there are plenty of guys on this site with experience using the budget power options so sorry for the long post. Just wanted you to know where I'm coming from and where I want to go.

Ty in advance for your help.

EDIT: Also open to brushed motor options. If I can just drop a brushed in with the xl5 esc and gear it to achieve more top speed and run cooler, I'd definitely be interested in trying that.
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Jburke187 - 7.17.17, 5:32 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Go check out RCJuice.com, the hobby star stuff is pretty budget friendly. I've had good luck with the stuff so far.
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Doomiedee - 7.17.17, 5:44 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
A 120amp x car esc I'd pretty cheap. I paid like $50 for mine on eBay.

Op pm me I have one sitting around if your interested I'll sell it for cheap
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"carpet killer"
rag6 - 7.17.17, 7:08 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Cool ty for info I will check out that site, and for the offer on the esc. Not sure if I will need such a high amp esc though... what turn sensored motor would be a little bump in torque and speed compared to the titan? I 2as thinking 17.5, but not sure how the 550 12 turn rating relates to sensored motors. I'm assuming I'll be getting a 13.5, 17.5, or 21.5. Just don't know which one will have the power requirements I need. Remember I don't want to overpower the truck.

This is what I think I need:


Wondering if the 17.5 will be a performance bump over the titan 12t... anyone know?
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Doomiedee - 7.17.17, 7:29 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
well in my experience its always better to have more power when need then not have it and pay more in some cases. i think a 13.5 is about equal to a titan 12t i would look for a combo with a 550 motor or buy a motor seperate the motor in the combo is a 540 can witch might work being the truck is light but will definitely get hot on those 90 degree days
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Kingy - 7.17.17, 9:06 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
I'd look more at a 10.5t motor. We used to run 13.5t as a turn limit for 2wd SC until aarcmcc decided upon 10.5t. Perfect decision imo, as I always found 13.5t lacking a little.

The turnigy Trackstar motors are fantastic for the price, and many people rave about the goolrc motors but I'm yet to try one myself.
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BillDeLong - 7.17.17, 4:27 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
+1 for a 10.5T motor for an open class, maybe even the 8.5T if you've got the skill to handle the extra power... you may find that with too much power, you might not have as fast of corner speed with a hot motor.

I've often turned faster lap times with my 1/10 buggy 13.5T than guys running 6.5T motors because they would blow out the corners, though if your track has more straights than turns then power is what you need.
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Thumper01 - 7.17.17, 6:32 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
On my "backyard track," I run my SC10 with an older 17.5 system against my Pop's bone stock Slash w/ Titan 12T & XL-5. They are pretty close in power. The SC10 is much more nimble and outpaces the Slash after a couple of turns. But in a straight drag, they are comparable. The power fades a bit with heat over the course of a battery pack more so with the brushed motor. I would recommend going with a budget 13.5 system if you want to outrun a Titan 12T consistently. Good driving with a stock class RC will usually win against lousy driving with a rocketship!
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"carpet killer"
rag6 - 7.17.17, 9:17 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Thanks for the responses.

10.5... is that not getting into the power range of the vxl?

I have both traxxas and castle systems allready. They will both way overpower this truck on the loose surface. I can stick right with my competition until I get to the long straight and try to clear the big jump (see the vid of track I posted above). It's not torque I need, it's the ability to gear up for a little more top speed. I can't gear the titan any higher due to heat.

This is the question i need answered...If a 13.5 is comparable to power of the titan, can I gear it for a little more top speed aND still keep motor Temps in check? If so, this is what I'm looking for...

As far as using a 540, this slash is near the weight of a stadium truck, and being that it is seeing track time it will only be run 6 min or so before cooldowns.

If I can't get more top end with the 13.5, then I guess the 10.5 will be my target
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BillDeLong - 7.17.17, 9:25 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
17.5T would be comparable to the Titan 12T so a 13.5T would be the next level up... on your track, acceleration/torque is what you need the most to be competitive.
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