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RCdad's Avatar
"Experienced user"
RCdad - 2.24.15, 2:57 pm Post #2641: | Reply With Quote
Waiting for the chassis for my brothers ruckus, lhs had the small stuff in stock. Looks like just a handful of screws and the front and back comes off, move electronics and he'll be back in business.
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Ruckus 2wd, hobbywing wpsc8, tacon 3500 kv, traxxas big bores
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CptKlink - Yesterday, 5:11 pm Post #2642: | Reply With Quote
Well I went for a good bash with my Ruckus. Flying through the snow and hit a small hard packed snow bank and got about 4 feet of air and landed flat on the roof. Heres the aftermath.

Lucky its pretty minor.
riskyjedi's Avatar
"^That's a good time!^"
riskyjedi - Yesterday, 5:44 pm Post #2643: | Reply With Quote
That'll buff out!

Seriously though, Shoo goo and drywall tape with mostly fix that. you will still be able to see the crack but it will hold together without help. It can also be used as a prevent cracks elsewhere if you go ahead and do the whole thing.

RC How-To: Repair and/or reinforce a Lexan body:

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

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"Regular user"
CptKlink - Yesterday, 5:55 pm Post #2644: | Reply With Quote
Ya I was just going to repair it. I don't care if you can still see the crack this ain't no shelf queen. It gets bashed pretty hard everytime i take it out.
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