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"Experienced user"
3DSteve - 2.01.13, 6:25 pm Post #41: | Reply With Quote
Just clean the wheels and tires really well first. There are some RC brands with their own supposedly tire-specific glue, but any of the superglue brands, or 'CA' as we know it in the RC world (cyanoacrylate. Gotta talk the talk) that a hobby shop will have will work fine. It's pretty universal, so even a railroad or plane shop will have a rack of Zap or Bob Dively or something.

It's much easier to see how to do it than read it, so check out Jang's gluing video on YouTube to see how it's done.
"Experienced user"
turtle1173 - 2.25.13, 2:45 pm Post #42: | Reply With Quote
OK, my son just broke the front suspension tower on his holiday buggy. Any suggestions on the best place to buy this? It is on "Tree C". Even eBay seems to not have much.

Thanks (once again) for your help.
"Experienced user"
3DSteve - 2.25.13, 4:49 pm Post #43: | Reply With Quote
Looks like Tamiya USA has it:

Can you stick it together with some JB Weld and brace it with aluminum or anything?
"Experienced user"
turtle1173 - 4.05.13, 7:27 pm Post #44: | Reply With Quote
What front wheels are compatible with the Holiday Buggy? My son is wanting another set of rims to get some different tires other than the ribs. It would have been a lot easier if they would have put the 12mm hex on there.
"Experienced user"
3DSteve - 4.05.13, 9:07 pm Post #45: | Reply With Quote
The front wheels use 5x11mm bearings, so any of the front wheels from the DT02 cars will fit. The wheels from the Nissan Titan or Sand Viper or other buggies look wide enough to use something like the Pro-Line Dirt Hawg fronts.

You might be able to convert the front end to accept 12mm axles by swapping out the hub carriers, steering knuckles, and camber links. Take a look at the manual for the Sand Viper and you'll see what I mean about the camber links. See what the local shops have on the wall and take some measurements, but you might be able to use Traxxas 2WD parts, or you may get lucky and the parts from your 4WD might even fit.
"Experienced user"
turtle1173 - 4.08.13, 7:10 pm Post #46: | Reply With Quote
My son ruined his 101 speed control. I bought him an HPI SC-15WP. Wow, why is it that his buggy goes so much faster? I couldn't believe how much faster this thing went.
DKnight1000's Avatar
"Experienced user"
DKnight1000 - 4.08.13, 7:25 pm Post #47: | Reply With Quote
I believe it's simply the HPI pumps more amps than the Tamiya. You may lose a bit of run time, but more speed is almost always worth it.

My brother purchased a Futaba 203 and than upgraded again to a (Futaba) 802 ESC I got the 203, boosted my speed but not as much as the 802. He always stayed that bit quicker than me in otherwise identical cars. The only difference was the colour of paint on the bodies. Both TT01s on max gearing with a silver can.

Quite frustrating as I didn't have the money to keep up.
RCs are like potato chips you can't stop at just one.
"Experienced user"
3DSteve - 4.08.13, 7:32 pm Post #48: | Reply With Quote
The HPI is probably much more efficient than the Tamiya. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually ran longer too. Swap out the Tamiya battery and motor connectors and you'll notice even more speed and run time.
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