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"Caveman Designer"
eds - 6.21.09, 10:34 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Project: Evo8
The first Traxxas 1/8th buggy

I got this idea when I was in a brainstorm session of potential upcoming projects. After looking in it this seemed like a perfect project to get me back into the swing of making custom r/c cars. I know a few people have made 1/8th buggies in to CORR trucks and so why not a Slayer into a buggy? The wheelbase and width are perfect for being a 1/8th buggy and very close to other 1/8th's. After doing some more research I took the plunge and bought myself a Slayer roller for $140. This will be the starting point and the base for the project which will end up being the first Traxxas 1/8th Buggy.

This isn't going to be just a half-asked conversion by just putting some buggy tires,wing,and body on the stock Slayer. My project goal is to make it a competitor against other 1/8th buggies such as the 8ight, Rc8, 808. This means I will be tearing it apart and putting a 1/8th center diff in the middle and make a aluminum flat chassis to lower the Center of Gravity.Along with doing other modifications to help it be able to compete with the other buggies. I'm not much of a Nitro guy so I will be going the Lipo/Brushless route once the time comes to get it running. But, for now I'm going to be concentrating on getting this thing built. I know that I have a reputation for starting projects and taking along time to finish them. But I can promise I will all finish my projects..eventually.But first I have to finish this one and then I will work on my others. Check back for updates.

Slayer Roller= $140-40= $100
RC8 diff and stand offs=$33.74
1/8" 6061-T6 aluminum sheet=32.29

Oh yea.. I have a website that has all of my projects on it.. I update the website with progress before I post it on the forums.. Check it out =)
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"Caveman Designer"
eds - 6.22.09, 12:36 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Tear Down and Cleaning
I tore everything apart and got it all cleaned up and got rid of the stuff I don't need (Transmission, Chassis,Etc) Here is what is left.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures once I start making more major progress I will have better quality pictures.
So far since I bought the roller for $140 and sold the parts that I didn't use for $40. I have only spent $100.Throughout the build I will be keeping tabs of how much I spend and my goal is to come out under $250 for a roller. I just bought a Rc8 Center Differential. Once I have this I can come up with a chassis design along with chassis stiffeners and battery tray designs.I will be buying a piece of aluminum sheet soon for the chassis. I'm going to start with 1/8" 6061-T6 Aluminum for the first prototype chassis. 6061 is much cheaper and and should be strong enough to do testing. Once I know the exact design and know it will work I will be making a new chassis out of 7075 material just like all the other 1/8th buggies out there and I will also be getting it anodized. Over all this project looks like it will be a pretty simple project especially compared to my other projects that I'm working on.

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"Experienced user"
Razor_Racer - 6.22.09, 3:10 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Looks great! Kind of hard to read, though.
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"Experienced Racer"
allanmathews - 6.22.09, 6:57 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
rcs:Brushless xxx cr, Brushless stampede, Brushless E revo, Brushless converted Revo, os18tm race revo,stock class revo,Brushless race rusty,os18 Rusty,BB tmaxx,Os18tm Tmax,Mach .26 3spd savage...I think that is it?!
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"Experienced user"
Fiero_Man_121 - 6.22.09, 7:24 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
cant wait man!!!!!!
Florida Oval Racer | Vintage traxxas collector | Mad Scientist
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Semi Pro - 6.23.09, 1:29 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Razor_Racer said
Looks great! Kind of hard to read, though.
i agree that font is hard on the eyes, it sounds like a chalengeing project, i have seen revos turned into truggys on flat chassis but a slayed based buggy will be cool
creator of the only dual vxl 4wd rustler
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"Caveman Designer"
eds - 6.24.09, 10:36 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
AllanMattews, Fiero_Man_121: Thanks! I can't wait either!

Razor_Racer , Semi Pro: ok. I fixed the font for you guys. I have seen revo's turned into truggies too but I wanted to do something different.

The Aluminum and Rc8 center diff should be here Friday or Saturday and then I will start drawing up designs.

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"Caveman Designer"
eds - 7.02.09, 8:11 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Center Differential/Drive Shafts
Today I finally got the RC8 Center diff today. It came brand new in package and just like everything thing else 1/8th I was surprised by the size. After a few minutes of just messing around and building it I decided to try something that I had heard may work for the Center driveshafts. This is one of the only issues that I was worrying about with this project was finding some center drive shafts that would fit.I got a tip from a guy on another forum saying that I might be able to cut down revo axles to replace the input shafts on the center diff so that I could use sliders. I was curious and realized that I had some revo axles on the buggy already since the revo and slayer use the same axles. I figured out it would actually work and started -[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]--[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]--[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]--[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]--[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]--[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]--[b][DISALLOWED -- edit your post][/b]- away. They ended up fitting perfectly with some modification . I know that sliders don't show up in the racing dictionary but they are cheap, more "Traxxas" like, and they fix my problem of trying to find correct length Cva's that fit on the revo diffs. Here is how I made the modifications to make the sliders work on the Rc8 Center diff.

1.First I had to shave about 1/8th inch off of the black plastic part where the axle hooks on to the sliders.

2.Then I spent about an hour and half using my hand saw to cut down the axles so that they where the same length as the Rc8 inputs.

3. That's about all there is to it after that I just started putting it back together.

(Right is stock, Center is cut-down, Left is the completed one)

4. Once you have it put all together it should look like this.

The diff mounts fit perfectly around the axle coupling so that the pin doesn't fall out.
And the diff in the mounts with the top plate..

Over all I was very surprise how well everything to fit together.As far as shafts go I just used the Slayer Sliders off of the front of the buggy. I figured I can get a set to replace them off of ebay because the Slayer sliders fit perfectly.

Team Kassanova
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"Caveman Designer"
eds - 7.04.09, 11:12 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
As far as updates goes I drew up a chassis design and my original layout idea.. would have made the chassis way to wide and heavy. This is the layout I was originally going to use..

I liked how all the batteries would be mounted on the chassis so that the COG would be low but it would have made the chassis way too wide. So after brainstorming layouts I found the layout that I believe I will be using..

Even though the COG is higher the batteries are closer to the center. This makes it so the higher COG doesn't matter as much. This will allow me to use stick packs and it also makes it so that my chassis can be slimmer cutting down on weight.

I'll be getting a final design done for the chassis today and hopefully cutting the chassis today to but that might have to wait till tomarrow.

Team Kassanova
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"Caveman Designer"
eds - 7.05.09, 12:13 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
Bulkheads and Chassis

I cut the Bulkheads down so that the electronics and batteries could fit in.Before I cut them though I measured how far it was from the center of the Rocker post to the shock mounting hole. Then I got out the scroll saw and hacked away at the Bulkheads.

After I got those cut I finalized the chassis drawings. And taped them to the piece of 1/8th" 6061-T6 aluminum.
After a couple hours of cutting and filing I came out with this..

For cutting aluminum for the first time andonly having hand tools I think it came out good. But after cutting it I realized the parts where the front and rear of the chassis hook on are probably too thin. Unfortunately, I don't have material to make another one so this one will have to do for now until I get some 7075.Then I will put the diffs on risers so that the front and rear can be wider. I still have some more filing ,drilling,and bending to do but here is how it should turn out and how it looks right now.

This last picture is just to give you an idea of where the batteries will be going. Obviously they aren't going to be the actual packs that I will use. I plan on using some lipo 5000mah 7.4v packs.

Today I'm going to try to finish the chassis and mount the diffs. I will probably also start drawing the battery mounts and the shocks/chassis stiffeners too. Watch for updates. Actually I created a website for projects..
www.Teamkassanova.webs.com . There you will find all my projects and the latest updates on them (I will be posting updates first on my website)

Team Kassanova
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