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theJANG - 2.21.10, 9:33 pm Post #1: |
Same as title I want to add a Tamiya RC to the long-term section of my stable. I figure I might as well make the most of it, so it should become the official UltimateTamiya.com vehicle. The question is, what should I pick?

Here are important criterion:
  1. Neets to absolutely scream "Tamiya" & ooze it out of all of its pores. When you look at it, you'll say, "Ah yes, that's Tamiya for ya."
  2. It's going to be a runner, so it needs some basic durability.
  3. It's going to be a runner, so it can't be too rare, as parts should be findable.
  4. Offroad vehicles are preferred because they fit in against the most backdrops and I'm considering a URC-themed long-term onroader.
Some ideas so far, and thoughts about them:
  • Pajero CC-01, potentially with a completely different, Lexan body. Very Tamiya, well-loved, flexible, and takes good pictures & video.
  • Grasshopper. Honestly when I think Tamiya, this is one of the first vehicles that comes to mind. Cheap, iconic, durable enough. Handles terribly though, making for so-so video footage.
  • Sand Scorcher re-release. So iconic, but I'd be very hesitant to drive it too much, and that's very bad. Also, lots of Tamiya fan sites show Scorchers all of the time, and I don't like doing what others do.
Vehicles I've ruled out:
  • TXT-1, Clod Buster, Juggernaut. These just wouldn't fit the theme properly, don't take good pictures for use around the site, and are limited in where they can drive. Also tougher to lug around & take up a bunch of space.
  • Hot Shot. Too rough to get parts for.
  • Avante & relatives. Too rare.
Ideas are very welcome and very encouraged! Thanks in advance!
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Benzo - 2.21.10, 10:15 pm Post #2: |
I'm 100% for the Grasshopper idea. Hot Shot would be even better, but as you stated, parts are hard to find.
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SavagePede - 2.21.10, 11:41 pm Post #3: |
I'd have suggested the Wild Willy's, but unless they're going to re-re-release it, I'm guessing that it'll be out of the running.

What about something in the TL01 family? Yes, it's an onroad car, but the chassis designation is something I've always taken to be synonymous with Tamiya.
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stampedefreak. - 2.22.10, 8:00 am Post #4: |
I like the TA-01/02/DF-01 stuff. The F-150, S-10, the rare Toyota Prerunner #58136, M1025 Hummer, JGSDF armored vehicle, or Dirt Thrasher (longer a arms) all have parts that can still be found on Towerhobbies (aside from the Toyota's body), and all are 4wd and should be reasonably capable off road for their ground clearance. And Tamiya is the only company I know of that made "scale" stadium trucks long before the Score/Corr fetish of late, so in that sense they scream the Tamiya name. DF-01 arms and axles could give you a more conventional-width 4wd stadium truck.

Does a 4wd buggy based on the TT-01 exist? If not, it should...
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loco_oso - 2.22.10, 10:32 am Post #5: |
Top Force, Boomerang, Lunch Box, Bruiser, Wild One, Hornet, Dyna Storm, or Frog (this is what I would pick perhaps). A lot of good choices!

@Stampedefreak. - On this forum, there's this thread by MaxxCrazy:

and my thread on the TT-01 buggy that I'm currently working on:

No production vehicle exists, though.
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HondaWhiteFox - 2.22.10, 5:56 pm Post #6: |
Myself, I'd say the Lunchbox. It's a classic the same as the Grasshopper, but there's no mistaking it for any old buggy at first glance like the Grasshopper. It also demonstrates Tamiya's "fun first" attitude for the design of many old classic.
Really, I think the Clodbuster would be great too. I don't see why it wouldn't fit the theme nor why you think it's limited in photogenic and off road capabilities. It's the definition of what a classic Tamiya is, and it's uninterrupted 23 year run is proof of it's iconic popularity.

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slash boy - 2.22.10, 6:14 pm Post #7: |
I know you ruled it out still who else makes any thing like it?

its not getting any love
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theJANG - 2.22.10, 6:56 pm Post #8: |
Putting a Clod Buster on a page would give most hobbyists the first impression that the page is going to be about monster trucks. I want the first impression to be "Tamiya," not monster trucks. Also, when taking photos of a Clod Buster, the relative proportion of the frame that gets filled with details of the body is very small. This is to be a mascot vehicle, which means it has to show off the site name & logo very prominently. The best photos of Clod Busters are taken from the level of the axles, and too much emphasis is on the tires and shocks.
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mycrors4 - 2.22.10, 7:26 pm Post #9: |
i got it!
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jack90 - 2.22.10, 7:45 pm Post #10: |
u can get a rerealsed hotshot now.
idk if tamiya is making alot of parts for that realease though.

if thats out of waht u want. then i would say a frog or lunchbox.
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