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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 12.30.10, 4:36 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Discuss this nifty little car!
Let's build a knowledge base, because there is very little informtion about the Sumo elsewhere online.

The original post:
I wanted a small indoor RC to whiz around the dorm when I don't have time for my Slash, so I got a Redcat Sumo!
It is pretty awesome so far! I really like it, and it has way more power than I expected. I already have a bearing kit, a new bigger motor, and a motor heatsink on the way

BUT: I just broke my right front steering knuckle... Kinda mad, but it really isn't that bad. The part is really small, so I expected it.

But the thing that is REALLY irritating is the $65.00 price tag on the aluminum replacements! That just seems RIDICULOUS! The entire truck is less than that!

My main question is this: Radline, and Sumo... How similar?

Because I found Radline stock replacement steering uprights and knuckles for $3. The cheapest I can find the Sumo ones is $9.

Are the Radline steering components compatible with the Sumo? They sure look awfully similar! If they are compatible, I am getting 3 sets of Radline knuckles
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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 1.01.11, 8:58 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Well, I took a gamble, and bought 2 of the Radline steering component sets... We will have to see when they get here.
I also got my motor, and bearings in... The motor from Radline does not fit the Sumo mount... oh well, it was only $5.
I also got some aluminum shocks from Radline, and some adjustable turnbuckles, both of which work fantastically! Although camber probably will not help much on this scale, they just look cool (They came with the shocks) The Radline turnbuckle kit gives you 6, 1 for each camber link, and 2 for the steering links, but the ball ends are too big for the Sumo steering knuckles, but the stock ones are adjustable anyway.
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logan.h - 1.02.11, 9:55 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
i got a redcat sumo and its awesome i striped my pinion gear in it though but its on the way it is a bad little truck
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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 1.02.11, 1:09 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
bad as in negative bad?
The only issue I have had is the front steering knuckles...
and the oil filled shocks not staying oil filled for long , but that is expected on such a small scale haha.
There is little documentation around the net of either Sumo's, or Radlines...
I am hoping to get a small group of people that have them, so we can exchange knowledge and expertise.

I think I may have run down my pinion gear as well, but it still works.
My drivetrain is still only a few days old, and sounds really sharp...
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logan.h - 1.02.11, 1:12 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
i ment good bad like it is so good it is bad and is it making like a grinding noise and did it happen when you were jumping or something
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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 1.02.11, 2:12 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
It just sounds harsh.
The gears look okay on visual inspection. I believe it happened when I was adjusting the gear mesh, but I didn't tighten the screws on the motor mount down all the way, so it jumped up and spun the pinion gear really fast against the spur.
It still drives fine, it just sounds a bit different.
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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 1.02.11, 2:29 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
I am really enjoying this little car!
When my winter vacation is over, I am going to try and construct some drifting tires for the tile floor in my dorm room!
I will definitely be posting some pictures and videos once I get this thing back up to 110% capacity...
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logan.h - 1.02.11, 2:48 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
try tightening everying thing up that has to do with the motor
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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 1.06.11, 8:04 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
well, I bought 2 sets of carriers for the Radline...
they sure LOOK exactly the same, but they are VERY different.
The only thing that keeps them from working is well... everything.
They are too far offset from the center of the car, and want to tug the dogbones out of the outdrives...
the little arm on the upright that attaches to the steering link is too wide, and rubs on the rim...
the c-hub does not come with all the hardware needed to install the upright :|
and the steering setup is completely different, and was totally effed up when I tried to fix it.

I even tried just removing the dogbone alltogether and making it a Rwd, but the tires rubbing prevented this...
$13 later, and a set of Redcat replacements are on the way.

It was only an $8 mistake, so it was not THAT bad.
I will keep the Radlines around.
If I ever break some dogbones, I will buy some Radline dogbones (they are longer), and Radline rims to fit, so I can utilize my 2 sets of parts haha

Just kinda bummed...
2 sets of Radline replacements + shipping = $8.50
1 set of Redcat replacements + shipping = $13.75
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"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 1.24.11, 10:22 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
Well, I got everything back together, and now it works great!
The Radline bearings are a great help, and REALLY reduce the friction! All of them fit nice and snug, and there was a bearing for each bushing being replaced.
I made a nice discovery too!
Although the Radline camber links did not fit on the steering linkages (They fit everywhere else), the ball screws did, so I just left them there. They are EVER SO slightly smaller than the stock Redcat ball screws, and now whenever I hit something real hard on the front, the stock steering link pops off the ball screw, instead of destroying the steering knuckles! It is very easy to pop the link back onto the ball screw, and I think I may have already saved my knuckles once or twice

I picked up drifting too! Because I am now back in college, and we have a smooth industrial linoleum floor... Its really fun!

I really love this little car!

ALSO ALSO: Cutting out the front and rear windshield, along with the motor heatsink REALLY helps to keep the little motor cool. Beofre these modifications, I could barely keep my finger on the motor for a second after only 5 minutes of running! Now it is warm, but not blisteringly hot.
and if you connect the antennae hole to the giant gaping front windshield, it becomes infinitely easier to put the body back on! No more searching for that little antennae hole!
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