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ryry444 - 3.26.11, 9:10 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hello, my friend doesn't have his manual for his e-revo brushless with the Mamba Max and I can't find out how to enable the lipo cutoff. It seems like every thread I find talks about the 1/16. Does anyone know how to do this without the Castle Link? Thanks!
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Dr. Isotope - 3.26.11, 9:32 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Before youj even read this, seriously consider a Field Programming Card. They're like 20 bucks.

Mamba Max Pro Manual Programming Sequence

STEP 1: Start with the transmitter ON and the ESC switched OFF and not connected to the battery.
STEP 2: Plug a battery into the ESC. Hold full throttle on the transmitter and turn the ESC switch ON. After a few seconds you will get the four rings in a row signaling full throttle calibration. keep on holding full throttle. After a few more seconds, you will hear another four rings in a row. After the second group of four rings, relax the throttle to neutral. If you have successfully entered programming mode, the ESC will beep twice, pause, and repeat the two beeps.
STEP 3: The programming sequence is always presented in sequential order and always starts with the first setting (Reverse Lockout) within the first section (Reverse Type). The first beep(s) signifies which section of the programming you are in and the second beep(s) signifies which setting is waiting for a “yes” or “no” answer.
As you go sequentially through the options, you will need to answer “yes” by holding full throttle, or answer “no” by holding full brake until the ESC accepts your answer by beeping rapidly. Once an answer has been accepted, relax the throttle back to neutral for the next question. After a “no” answer is accepted, the ESC will then present you with the next option in that section. After a “yes” answer is accepted, the ESC knows you aren’t interested in any other option in that section, so it skips to the first option in the next section.

1. Brake/Reverse Type
2. Brake Amount
3. Reverse Amount
4. Punch/Traction Control
5. Drag Brake
6. Dead Band
7. Cutoff Voltage

Sets the voltage at which the ESC lowers or removes power to the motor in order to either keep the battery at a safe minimum voltage (Lithium Polymer cells) or the radio system working reliably (NiCad/NiMH cells).
Setting 1: None Does not cut off or limit the motor due to low voltage. Do not use with any Lithium Polymer packs!
Setting 2: Auto-Lipo (Default) This setting automatically detects the number of LiPo cells you have plugged in. It will automatically set the cut-off to 3 volts per cell. It will beep the number of cells in your
Lipo pack between the initialization tones and the arming tones on initial power up the controller.
Setting 3: 5v Cuts off/limits the motor speed/acceleration when the pack gets down to 5 volts. A good setting for racing or bashing in any vehicle using 8-12 NiMH or NiCad packs.
Setting 4: 6v Cuts off/limits acceleration when the pack gets down to 6 volts.
Setting 5: 9v Cuts off/limits acceleration when the pack gets down to 9 volts.
Setting 6: 12v Cuts off/limits acceleration when the pack gets down to 12 volts.
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ryry444 - 3.26.11, 4:10 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
Awsome, thank you! I think he is going to get the card so he has the options but at the very least we can now play with his new lipos today!
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