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Traxxas Hpi's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Traxxas Hpi - 4.09.11, 9:40 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
i want a rock crawler but what is the best one to get? i dont really like the kits so one that comes ready would be preferred. also something under the $600 range would be nice
tamiyafier's Avatar
tamiyafier - 4.09.11, 9:52 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Somewhere along the lines of a HPI Crawler King?

And don't want to sound rude, but why not kits? If you're going to mod your crawler sooner or later you'de have to practically rebuild it. The Axial XR10 looks pretty nice. IMO building the kit is half the fun
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Traxxas Hpi's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Traxxas Hpi - 4.09.11, 9:56 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
i dont know why i dont like kits ha ha i just dont
"Experienced user"
scho52386 - 4.09.11, 10:57 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
There isn't any really. Best crawlers are built. XR10 will cost you around 1,000 for it to run the way you want it to.

I guess if you want a RTR, the Losi Night Crawler is pretty nice. Still not as nice as an XR10, but they are pretty cool.
mike1970's Avatar
"Experienced user"
mike1970 - 4.09.11, 11:09 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Well there are a good number of RTR crawlers out there to choose from. Id just sk if you were looking to just dabble in crawling or looking at doing more serious running.

Axial , Losi, HPI, and Exceed all make some form of crawler thats a RTR based vehicle. But to sit here at the computer and tell you what is best is a loaded statement to me. What i think or even know may go against your own views and wants.

I asked the same question almost a year ago and got all types of wild views and reasons they thought their choice was the bomb to get. Each maker has perks to it and faults.

So ask yourself will you get into scale crawling/trails, or just be hanging out with the guys and fitting a social deal. If neither then the next deal id ask is will you want to upgrade it over time or just run it as it comes till your truly tired of it.

Kits do offer a vastly improved truck or buggy, but will cost more to get going at first. But they give a strong advantage when you build it and know each small nook and cranny when it breaks and needs fixed. They will break and if you dont have a good idea of how it went together it might be hard to fix for you.

Sorry for the book here but really what your asking nobody can really give a solid choice with what your saying you plan on as your post sits now.
"Regular user"
MonsterTruckMan - 4.09.11, 11:38 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Just get a micro crawler?? lol i would say the losi night crawler and axial AX10 are good choices.
"Experienced user"
scho52386 - 4.09.11, 11:50 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
All RTR's I know of

Axial SCX-10 Honcho
Axial Wraith *not yet released*
Losi Micro Rock Crawler
Losi Mini Rock Crawler
Losi Night Crawler
HPI Wheely King?
HPI Crawler King?
Venom Creeper
Nitro RCX crawlers

Out of all these, I would say the Losi Night Crawler is best out of the box without any fiddling/upgrades. Parts are easily available, and under your $600 mark. For $600 you could turn that night crawler into a beast.

The new Axial Wraith looks pretty awesome too. Just look up some reviews on them. I would PERSONALLY (my personal opinion), stay away from Nitro RCX, Venom, and HPI crawlers. A lot of people like them, but I found out you get what you pay for. Plus the availability of parts at a LHS is nice. I have a Hobbytown USA right by my place, and they carry all the parts I need for my Losi Mini Rock Crawler. They even had the GC3 chassis in. They also had various parts for Axial and Losi crawlers.
myae86rolla's Avatar
"Experienced user"
myae86rolla - 4.10.11, 1:12 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
here are some rtr crawlers http://store.rc4wd.com/Ready-To-Run-Truck_c_1.html
here are almost ready to run just add electronics. its already built http://store.rc4wd.com/Crawler-ARTR-Kit_c_8.html
ultima DB/ evader st mm 6900/ scrt-10 mm 3800/ tlt 2.2 crawler/ tc4/ tc3 drifter 50/50/ rc18mt/ ta03f/ ta04ss/ m03 pro/ ta05/ tl01 rally/ tt01/ vintage graphite RC10 project ressurection/ kyosho super ten project ressurection/ kyosho mini inferno st/ raze st .27/ proboat apache 24
TRD_RockWarrior's Avatar
"Awesome User"
TRD_RockWarrior - 4.10.11, 1:12 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
I'd pick up an RC4wd 2.2 Bully. It's MOA too
"Vacationing user"
traxxasslash26 - 4.22.11, 6:18 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
depends what you are looking for in a crawler.. IMHO, you shoulld look at the 2.2 Bully from RC4wd, or AX10. only difference between the two is Motor on axle, VS Shafty.

$600 is alot of money. with that, you could easily make a comp ready crawler with that from a AX-10.
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