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Jackmove - 7.15.11, 4:28 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Hey guys, I'm in the process of building a Losi 22 buggy, and I need a motor and esc. What would you recommend for racing at the local track?

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Wattser93 - 7.15.11, 7:56 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Tekin RS with an 8.5 is a good start. I'm partial to Tekin motors but if I didn't have a Tekin I'd run a Trinity Duo 3.
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seth556 - 7.15.11, 8:08 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
If you're asking then you probably want to run stock. That's 17.5t. I'd say Trinity makes the best motors right now, the Duo 3 is amazing. I have all the power I could need, I've actually turned down the boost and turbo on my RS because it was too much. It's super smooth and runs very cool.

The Tekin RS is tried and true, probably the most popular esc wherever you go. Definitely a great starting place. You can usually find them used for $100-20 if you don't want to buy a brand new one since they're a little pricey.
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Fiero_Man_121 - 7.15.11, 8:11 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote

id also ask the local track. what motors are they running? if they have a 17.5 class jump into that. if you get thrown in mod class you may very well get cleaved in half by the guy trying to catch 1st who feels its faster to plow through you then go around lapped traffic
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