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"Beat It Like It Owes You Money"
jumpit - 10.02.11, 1:16 pm Post #1: |
Note: This was previously the "official" MT4 thread on URC. We now have an entire forum for Thunder Tiger monster trucks. Please post MT4 related threads in the forum and discontinue use of this single thread so that questions & answers will be searchable and can receive more individual attention.

I was origionaly going to get the savage xs first but since tower was sold out, I decided to go ahead and purchase the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3.
I am really hoping this will be as tough as the savage flux unfortunate'ly the one I owned was a money pit, and broke every time out so I sold the savage about a year ago, and have been searching for a better basher since.

*Quote* One of the toughest if not (The Toughest truck) we have ever tested Big squid rc's review

Mack29 thread on it here---->http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/sho...02#post1153602

1) LOC-TITE all metal to metal screw's/Grub screw's, pinion, drive cup's, wheel's, their is also a couple screw's on the wheelie bar/wing mount that can back out.

What exact parts to loc-tite with pic's here

Keeping your hub pins in place Per Chainsaw post#63
or another option here


Chainsaw is credited with this, you need to make a brace spaning shock tower to shock tower, to keep the chasis from flexing/bending on hard landing's here is Chainsaw's video

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

Other chasis brace idea's

this is what I believe t be the best brace, Basher from wondertiger came up with this idea, it uses a shift linkage from a harley davidson,you can find them on ebay just type in harley davidson shift linkage, you will need to cut the aluminum angles that mount to shock tower's
This one pictured is on my thunder tiger st-1

3) check diff's for shim's make sure they are not lose, diff rebuild kit here http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...?&I=LXALKG&P=Z

Those are the most important thing's to do when you get your new MT4-G3.


0)Motor is re-brand leopard 2000kv, esc and motor are 6s capable but 5s is suggested sweet spot

1) ESC is the Ripper 150a esc Hobbywing Re-Brand manual say's can run both sensored and non sensored motor's their is no sensor port on this esc, and can not run in sensored mode with a sensored motor.

Shortcut to conversation start's on pg. 29 post# 30 and continues to pg 31 shortcut http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/sho...132932&page=29

online manual http://wondertiger.com/manuals/ESC_BLC_150C.pdf
wondertiger should answer a lot of your esc questions here

2) program card sold at tower http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...?&I=LXBRMF&P=7
wondertiger's info on the program card
Running 5s on stock esc set lvc to 2.6v per cell

3) Replacement servo's info can be found here

4) Lower suspension pin's are one of the weak spot's on this truck. They are 4mm thick, 68mm long, smooth. HPI E-Savage part #82040 or Hot Bodies 67417 are direct replacements. You can make your own from 0.157" or 5/32" hardened tool steel stock -- example $2.27 ea. Various steel types are available.

For upper suspension pins, see OFNA part # 38262. You will need to grind a flat spot at one end to allow a set screw to grab.

5) front body post upgrade/replacement option pg 10 post# 100
digidem's body post's

6) wheelie bar does not show up on towers website under normal search option's here is a direct link
http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...I=TTRC9041&P=7 or type in part# ttrc9041

7)what diff fluids, I am running 120k center 50k front 7k rear
here is some shortcuts to what others are using
and here starting at post#173

8) Battery Tray: 138 x 51 x 49mm

9) optional aluminum diff case

One last thing the breaking power is set at 75% from factory, you will want to program the esc and set the break to 50% or you will sure'ly nose dive your truck into the ground the first time you go off a jump and tap the break.

I have watched every video of this vehicle at least 10 times over, so I put together a couple quick out of the box vid's I do'nt have time to run it right now as I am in the process of moving, but can't wait to get some bashing vids of it up.

before the vids I would like to say this is one vehicle that I was wishing jang could do a review on , but maybe he could do the buggy version of this same vehicle seen here----->http://www.thundertiger.com/product/6400-F.html

*EDIT* the sound took a dump at end of video one as my editing software crashed, however I picked it back up in vid two right where the sound crashed in vid one

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

Mack29 Long Term review of the MT4 G3

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

loctite these four set screws too
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mad_drifter's Avatar
mad_drifter - 10.10.11, 1:31 am Post #2: |
Thanks for the video.
I wish they made a kit version with no electronics and some hopups.
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OnGoinMoneyPit - 10.10.11, 1:43 am Post #3: |
can i ask what you kept on breaking on the savage flux?

the thunder tiger mt4 looks nice, but to me its kind of just a truggy with mt tires.
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"Beat It Like It Owes You Money"
jumpit - 10.10.11, 4:28 am Post #4: |
@OnGoinMoneyPit I bought my savage flux when it was first released, and straight out of the box it had a broken front tie rod end, then after that rear arm broke from small jump landing on one wheel, then front arm and bulkhead, then a gear cant remember if it was front or rear diff, but it was before they released the hardened indestructable gear, then another bulkhead.
all these breaks would happen back to back I would get it fixed take it out maybe get one or two full batt pack runs and it would break again, and sit till the parts showed up, in the end it had front and rear alum bulks, rpm arms all around, but for a almost $700.00 dollar vehicle I should not have had to invest anything into it to make it more bashable
the bottom line is I do believe I might have received one with a bad run of plastic or lemon and that the savage is a good vehicle, I just had bad luck with mine.
*edit* I do not know why thunder tiger calls it a monster truck, most monster trucks cant be converted into a buggy, or have center diff's, but in the vid I put my proline dodge ram truck body on it, and it looks like a truck, seems like a pretty good versatile platform to me

Edit for hop up link

Shock tower to diff brace and aluminum body post mounts

Also aluminum diff case very sweet deal here, and very nice fit with bare minimum shimming required

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airmayle's Avatar
"Experienced user"
airmayle - 10.10.11, 5:52 am Post #5: |
This is based off of there 1/8 scale buggy chassis. I do believe the buggy was released first over seas and shortly after the monster truck fallowed. A lot of reviews have said that it is one of the best handling MT out of the box.

I run their 1/10 scale XB buggy and plan on picking up their 1/8 scale buggy. Nice purchase.
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Rocky1224 - 10.10.11, 7:42 am Post #6: |
Jumpit....hows the mt4 g3 holding up?...is there a cover for the spur and pinion? Does crap get in the gear mesh? Im thinking about getting one
stinger30's Avatar
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stinger30 - 10.10.11, 2:06 pm Post #7: |
the MT4 gt3 is a wicked bit of bit. a mate of mine has one.unbelievable how strong it is
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jumpit's Avatar
"Beat It Like It Owes You Money"
jumpit - 10.10.11, 5:03 pm Post #8: |
I have been so busy with work and moving, even though the move is right next door, that I have not been able to run it yet, so it is holding up just fine lol

@stinger I watched your vids of it pretty cool stuff, do you have any plans on getting one for your self?
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stinger30's Avatar
"Experienced user"
stinger30 - 10.11.11, 2:05 am Post #9: |
jumpit said
@stinger I watched your vids of it pretty cool stuff, do you have any plans on getting one for your self?
nah mate, i dont need one.im still hanging out for my wife to buy me a traxxas summit

we are both happy to swap our cars over when we are out and have a bash on each others cars, its all good
erevo 1/10,14.4v dewalt , evx-2 with extra caps, Quad 1S lipo, ubuntu user, Youtube Channel - Thestinger30 ,Hyperion EOS0606i x2, Savox SB-2270SG, Hobbyking 150amp esc, 36x74 1900Kv brushless inrunner
"Experienced user"
Rocky1224 - 10.11.11, 12:04 pm Post #10: |
Jumpit....you'll have to post some vids, and let me know how it is when you get the chance to drive it
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