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tamiyafier's Avatar
tamiyafier - 10.28.11, 3:30 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Yerp....it's true, Tamiyafier has finally sorted out his cache of photos taken in Shizuoka. Because there're 60 odd photos, I will try to upload around 5-8 photos a day. Enjoy!

The way there was a tad rocky, as we tried taking the bus....which had no English translations of the destinations written ANYWHERE.

First sight:

Entrance...complete with koi pond. Shweet.

And what lay inside? It's The Bug Box Scorcher! This was really quite amazing to see. Can't believe I got to see it in person! Built in Germany, this thing is quite a stunner. The level of detail is just awesome....

A collection of older F-1 cars that Tamiya keeps for reference.
You can even see the kit box of the F-103 version of the Lotus at the bottom-left corner of the photo...
Behind is an old Honda (?), a Honda Life Step Van ( again, ?) and a Porsche 914, I believe.

The famed Tyrell P34:

That's all for today, folks! Many more to come.
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"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'- Wayne Gretzky"

-Michael Scott
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"Experienced user"
Magicmole - 10.28.11, 3:42 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
one word, AWESOME!
Is magic!

Yaaaaay im finally an experienced user
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"Look at that pretty red Viper^"
james60470 - 10.28.11, 3:42 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
thats amazing!!! now i wanna visit there and also traxxas headquarters!
Been here 4 years and nothing has surprised me
4x4CRlSPY's Avatar
4x4CRlSPY - 10.28.11, 5:38 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Thats SCHWEET!!!
We do have a lot in common- The same earth, the same air, the same sky... maybe if we started looking at what's the same rather than what's different... well who knows.
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"In the mirror you'll see a dog"
Rodarbal - 10.28.11, 5:51 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
That's incredible! Adding this to my bucket list!
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iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 10.28.11, 6:01 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Superb pictures!! Seems like you had a great time...
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"Did I make the A Main?"
BillDeLong - 10.28.11, 10:22 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Rodarbal said
That's incredible! Adding this to my bucket list!

Thanks for sharing Tamiyafier!

BTW... my very first R/C was the Hornet, please tell me you have a pic of the 1:1 version of that kit somewhere!
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tamiyafier's Avatar
tamiyafier - 10.28.11, 4:35 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Errr.....no. They used to have a full scale Doraemon solar car and a full scale Mini 4WD though.
"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'- Wayne Gretzky"

-Michael Scott
laferlita2007's Avatar
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laferlita2007 - 10.28.11, 5:26 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Just Excellent, thank you. Cant wait to see more pic's
tamiyafier's Avatar
tamiyafier - 10.28.11, 5:52 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
Here's today's dose of piccies.

Not too many RCs yet, but I'm getting there....this is the showroom, which exhibits a (somewhat) outdated collecion of Tamiya's current range.

Diorama on display in the lobby:

F-1s and TRFs:

Signed by the Flying Finn himself:



Modern art?

Mini 4WDs and the mini monsters:

Moar models:

That's all for today!
"'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.'- Wayne Gretzky"

-Michael Scott
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