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theJANG - 11.29.11, 9:52 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
The Traxxas XO-1 1/7th scale brushless onroad car is now live at http://Traxxas.com
  • 100+mph Out of the Box!
  • NEW Castle Creations Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control
  • NEW Traxxas Big Block Brushless Motor, Powered by Castle
  • NEW TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Docking Base*
  • NEW Integrated Speed, RPM, temperature, and voltage Telemetry System*
  • Factory Equipped with two Traxxas Power Cell 3S 5000mAh LiPo batteries
  • All Wheel Drive

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

Traxxas® is The Fastest Name in Radio Control®. For over 25 years, we have made it our mission to innovate. To lead. To find the next level of performance and capability. We are driven by a passion for speed and power, and now Traxxas has redefined the meaning of both. State-of-the-art technology. Cutting edge design. A total focus on quality and precision. All have been distilled into one vehicle that could only come from Traxxas. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. 0-100 in 4.92 seconds. Top speed over 100mph! Simply put, the XO-1 is the world's fastest Ready-To-Race® radio controlled supercar.

The Next Generation of Traxxas 2.4GHz Control
Traxxas' XO-1 is equipped with the world's most advanced Ready-To-Race® radio system. The all-new Traxxas® TQi™ radio system with Docking Base turns your iPhone® or iPod touch® into a powerful tuning tool. The device display combines with the Traxxas Link™ App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface that optimizes your radio system for ultimate vehicle control. Automatic model recognition instantly recalls your settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models—just switch on and drive. This powerful App gives you complete control over the operation and tuning of the Traxxas XO-1 with an intuitive, high definition graphical user interface. Once you have created the perfect control settings for your model, you can save them as a profile that you can restore later, use on another model, or share with friends. Traxxas Link telemetry sensors transmit real-time data including speed, RPM, temperature, and battery voltage with stunning visuals.

Heavy-Duty Drivetrain
High performance must come with high durability. Traxxas delivers with a robust shaft-driven AWD (all-wheel drive) system proven in our most powerful vehicles and enhanced with new features for the XO-1. Steel-gear, E-Revo-spec differentials feature reinforcing support bars to increase horsepower handling capability. The extruded aluminum center driveshaft engages the front and rear gearboxes directly, so there are no dogbones or drive cups to wobble or wear. New, telescoping steel-spline (SS) driveshafts with dual CV joints engage the wheels with track-tested, splined 17mm hex hubs. New fine pitch splined steel telescoping driveshafts handle 50% more torque than conventional shafts. Oversized 6X12mm ball bearings spin efficiently at high rpm, run after blistering run

Ready-To-Race with Included Power Cell LiPos
"100+mph, right out of the box." That was the goal for the Traxxas XO-1, and Traxxas delivers with everything you need to hit triple digits—including a pair of Power Cell 3S LiPo batteries. Built with custom Traxxas cells and engineered specifically for the high power demands of Traxxas vehicles, Power Cell LiPo packs are fully equipped with Traxxas High Current connectors, Maxx Cable 12-gauge wire, and standard JST/XH balance plugs for long cycle life, maximum run time, and track-shredding punch.


Length: 27 inches (686mm)
Front Track: 11.61 inches (295mm)
Rear Track: 11.81 inches (300mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 0.59 inches (15mm)
Weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg) (w/o batteries) 10.3 lbs (4.67 kg) (with batteries)
Height (overall): 5 inches (127.5mm)
Wheelbase: 15.91 inches (404mm)
Front Shock Length: 3.27 inches (83mm)
Rear Shock Length: 3.39 inches (86mm)
Front Tires (pre-glued): Belted Slick Front (4.29" x 1.7")
Rear Tires (pre-glued): Belted Slick Rear (4.29" x 2")
Front Wheels: 3.3" Split-Spoke™ (black-chrome) with 17mm splined hex
Rear Wheels: 3.3" Split-Spoke™ (black-chrome) with 17mm splined hex
Speed Control Type: Castle Mamba Monster Extreme Forward/Reverse/BrakeMotor (electric)

Traxxas Big Block Brushless (1650 Kv),
Powered by Castle

Transmission: Single-Speed
Overall Drive Ratio: 9.36 (stock, out-of-box)
Differential Type: Sealed Hardened Steel Bevel
Gear Pitch: Module 1.0
Chassis Structure/Material: 3mm Plate, Dual Plane, 6061-T6 Aluminum
Brake Type: Electronic
Drive System: Shaft-Driven 4WD
Steering: Bellcrank
Radio System: TQi™ 2.4GHz Radio System with TQi Docking Base
Top Speed: 100+mph
Skill Level: 10
Battery Tray Dimensions: 155mm x 50mm x 29mm (adjustable height and length)
Included Batteries: Two Traxxas Power Cell LiPo Batteries (LiPo, 3-Cell 5,000 mAh)
Required Batteries & Charger: 4 "AA" (transmitter) LiPo Battery Charger


Input voltage (cells): 18 NiCad/NiMH 6s LiPo (max: 25.2 volts)Case Size: 2.2"W x 1.9"D x 1.4"H
Weight: 4.27 ounces (121 grams)
On-Resistance­ (@Trans)–FWD/REV: 0.0003 ohms per phase
Reverse Delay: Yes, with lockout
Low Voltage Detection (LVD): Yes, programmable
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Name:	6407-castle-esc-motor_m.jpg
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Name:	6407-chassis-aero-system-top-bottom_m.jpg
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Name:	6513-TQi-6510-iphone-dashboard-6407_o.jpg
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Name:	6407-splash-005.jpg
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Name:	6407-trx100-splash-002_0.jpg
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Name:	6407-trx100-splash-006.jpg
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Name:	6407-specs_m.jpg
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Name:	6407-drivetrain-system.jpg
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Name:	6407-detail-chassis.jpg
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Name:	6407-top-chassis.jpg
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ID:	29133  

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Lazcannon - 11.29.11, 10:16 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
It was cool......until I saw the MSRP. $1099.99!!
Get to da choppa!
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User Unrelated - 11.29.11, 10:17 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
my first thought:
I wonder how it would handle off-road with some suspension mods...
the A-arms look really long for an on-road car!

they almost look like... rustler/stampede 2WD rear arms?

either way
it's wayy to much for me to ever want to try and adapt it
it's cool and all, but not all of us have an oval raceway to drive on, and not all of us have Iphones/Itouches to take advantage of the radio telemetry...
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WAY - 11.29.11, 10:18 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Ok I will be lying if I say I don't want one. I would like to see this converted into an offroad truck of some sort, would be awesome! Imagine it with a higher ride height and a set of paddles. Yes!
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Meamjustme - 11.29.11, 10:18 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Not that i am getting it, but dang this is awesome.
I bet people will get it to 170MPH+

I so wanna see this thing flip at speed XD I bet it wont survive that 2 times.

[EDIT] BTW Jang. Thanks for the nice thead. I dont know if you stayed up to make one or not, but it is done very nicely
"Experienced user"
WAY - 11.29.11, 10:20 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Lazcannon said
It was cool......until I saw the MSRP. $1099.99!!
Yes but that motor/esc alone would be $500? Actually I have never heard of this ESC and motor. Presumably this will also be running the HPI 1/5th SCT.
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mycrors4 - 11.29.11, 10:20 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Well other than the fact that the chassis looks like a Nikko branded toy from wal mart, the arms and hubs look extremely familiar to rustler arms, and that they are trying to create yet another scale (7th scale? Really?, couldn't they call it 8th and get it over with?), and making you pay extra for an app that "enables" the 100mph+ speeds, which also turns away android users(for now)....
That body is hawt.

Sorry if it sounds a bit harsh, i have nothing against traxxas, but I had to do it

Motor/esc just looks like the average 8th scale combo from castle, maybe pumped up a bit to handle speed runs over and over again
Motor looks like it could be a 1717 neu, but I doubt it.

Motor system is $400 max IMO
(Last edited by mycrors4 : 11.29.11 at 10:24 pm)
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Fiero_Man_121 - 11.29.11, 10:22 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
first off, the radio... really? what about the rest of the world that doesnt own smart phones?

the front and rear end at a glance appear to be stolen from the slash/pede 4x4

this is the best they can do these days? now i remember why i get all misty eyed when i look at the vintage cars. thats when they had the guts to go toe to toe where it counts, ON THE TRACK!
(Last edited by Fiero_Man_121 : 11.29.11 at 10:26 pm)
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megarallycar - 11.29.11, 10:22 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Dude i use 12 gauge on my 10th Blitz. Cause thats hardcore.

That video was not worth the 20min wait and it was skipping through.
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Highboost73 - 11.29.11, 10:23 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
The TX seem cool, but I have no use for a car that specific and fast with no racing class. It is a cool "hey check this out" kind of thing but not for over a grand.
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