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Alstare - 12.16.11, 10:28 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
So I picked up my Velineon Brushless combo to put into the Torment today. I also picked up a 21 tooth pinon to start with, since I think the stock 19 tooth might be abit to small, will find out when I run it...

Installation went smoothly, but a few things to note. As I expected from trying the Traxxas 12T brushed motor prior to this one. The motor shaft is about 1/4" too long to fit the dust cover back on. On the 12T i trimmed off the end of the motor shaft to put the cover back on, I didnt want to do that to the new motor so I just drilled a smal hole to allow the shaft to stick out of the case. I don't see it being an issue, and from my research alot of people are running without the cover on entirely.

Also the signal wire from the ESC to the reciever is about 4" too short, which surprised my since the one on the Traxxas XL-5 I was using prior was the right length. No biggy I just extended the wire and everything else fits up nice and clean like stock.

Test Drive
My metal transmission gears aren't in yet till Monday, so I didn't really get a chance to test it out much. But curiosity did get the better of me since I spent a ton of money today and wanted to try it out, cause I am just that impatient. ha

I installed my normal 2s 5000Mah 20c LiPo and made about 3 or 4 passes back and forth on my street before the plastic diff gears had enough. And in fairness I didn't re-adjust my slipper clutch yet and is still at the stock 2 turns out setting. I am running Traxxas VXL drive shafts already as well.

There was no lack of power as expected, and if you stab the throttle from a stand still the truck easily ends up on its back. From a mid speed roll if you stab the throttle it will lift the front and drag the bumper until you let off a little. Sadly that was about all the testing time I had before it sounded like I removed every tooth off my spur gear, but after a quick inspection it appears to be the teeth inside the transmission and I am assuming it will be the diff gears.

Full Review
Coming Soon...

I will add to this after I get it the metal gears installed and the truck put back together, hopefully in the next few days if my parts are in.
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ChazOutlaw - 12.17.11, 3:47 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
I'd be willing to bet it'll be your idler gear thats toothless. I destroyed mine, and even after going out of mesh, and grinding the heck out of it's neighbor gear..my diff, and top gears looked fine when I threw them in the garbage. (actually into a soon to be forgotten about stock parts bag) metal gears are the only way to go. Get a vid, after you install the new gears.
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indy34096 - 12.17.11, 5:26 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
I destroyed all 3 gears with the 20t
by the way, the diff is metal geared. Just the diff gear itself is plastic...
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kingkong559 - 12.17.11, 7:21 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Keep an eye on the temps for now until you know where the temperature is at after running a full pack. I would check every 5 mins of running either on/off road. 160 degrees F sounds about right for the motor.

As I was typing this, I kept thinking (why did he spend that much on a BL system when he could of gotten something similar for cheaper.) then it came to me.. He likes running in wet conditions.. Am I right? just curious..
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Ratrodsuzuki - 12.17.11, 9:42 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
i believe the stock slash vxl model uses 23/86 gearing. you should be able to go up a few more teeth on the pinion.the vxl system is a good basher system and handles 7 cell nimh and 2s easily, but if and when you bump up to 3s, it gets sketchy. thats when you really have to pay attention to the gearing and heat.

you hear horror stories about the vxl speed control , but yet again, i have never had an issue with the ones i have had. hope you have fun with it.
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Xslash insanity - 12.17.11, 11:05 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Yeah, I don't get everyone's beef with it. It just runs. Period. And it doesn't have that annoying "Castle Beep" either.
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Alstare - 12.17.11, 9:55 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Well an update... But an odd one at that. The Torment project will prolly be on hold now for awhile sadly.

I picked up a mint 2wd slash without electronics today for $80 on craigslist. Was just bored at work cruising the ad's and cam,e across it, called up and picked it up a few hours later.

As much as I love my Torment, it's a pain getting stock parts, there is almost 0 after market available yet, and every upgrade I keep putting on is just upgrading to stock slash parts. So I think for the $80 investment I think I am gonna switch all my electronics VXL kit, spektrum receiver, and it already has the stock waterproof servos included.

I will prolly keep the Torment as I have really grown to like it. But I can also see letting it go if someone offers a good price since that would cover the new truck purchase price and a nice handful of RPM gear for it aswell. =/

Also thanks for the info as usual guys!

And yes I like to bash alot and absolute waterproof is one of my must haves now with my limited experience so far with these trucks. Although it does suck cause like you said there is alot of other options for that kind of $$$.

Hopefully the Slash guys are as helpful as everyone here has been so far, once again can't say thanks enough to everyone thats helped me with the Torment so far!
Ratrodsuzuki's Avatar
"bring me a shrubbery"
Ratrodsuzuki - 12.17.11, 10:14 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
you'll be back....they all eventually come back. i think you will like the slash for it "toughness" , but i think you will find that its handling leaves alot to be desired....either way, have fun. you can still come back and visit. you know where we hang out...
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Alstare's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Alstare - 12.17.11, 10:28 pm Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Hah thanks Ratrodsuzuki... Yeah I don't plan to go anywhere!

And yeah your right... after running a pack through the slash tonight, my very first thoughts were I was not impressed with the steering, seems to be alot more responsive, but sloppier and doesnt hold a straight line very well no matter how I trim it. Kinda hard to describe the feeling, but the Torment always felt like it was on rails.

Also I found the suspension not to work nearly as well as the stock Torment setup with 40wt in it. So I rebuilt the slash shocks and put the same oil in them, I will try it out tomorrow, hopefully it's abit better.
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Alstare - 12.17.11, 10:32 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
Also the stock tires are horrible, I tossed on the stock wheels off the Torment for now, but the offsets are abit different then the slash offsets it looks like.

Absolutely terrible stock tires I gotta say..
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