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sedan1200 - 1.14.12, 3:25 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I am new to the forum, and to the hobby. I have done some work on my old vintage cars, so I have a little background in basic mechanics.
I got my boys and me the 1/16 erevo, it has fully fullfilled my expectations until now and is a lot of fun for all of us!!
I read the thread about shimming the diffs, and it seems quite logical, so I would like to try it. However, what size shims do I get? I do not mean the thickness ( I will just get a set with different sizes), but the outer and inner diameter? I do not want to disassemble my RC to check the size before I order parts, because I would like to continue driving the next few days while I wait. If I have overlooked the information in any other threads, I m sorry, just let me know where to find it!!
Also, the seeping shocks: Are the Traxxas aluminum shocks they offer for replacement (PartNbr 7061X) any better in keeping sealed than the stock plastic ones? Would it be enough to just change the shock bodies (PartNbr 7066X)?
Thanks for your answer... and sorry for my old fashioned writing style, but being from Europe AND over 40...
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CHUMCHAL72 - 1.14.12, 9:11 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Shock bodies these work much better
How to do by erevo1*16:http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/sho...shocks+leaking

Link: http://www.teamassociated.com/parts/details/21141/

How to : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsZf5d3d1Xs
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erevo1*16 - 1.15.12, 12:05 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
sedan1200 said
I am new to the forum, and to the hobby.

Welcome to URC, glad you found us all too! I found this forum this past summer, and now spend a lot of time on here looking for answers, and trying to help as much as I can.

the links above are good. so +1 for that.

the thickness of the shim isn't the biggest deal, just use 1, or 2 then put it back together most of the way and check to see if you have any binging issues. I have heard that some guys go with as many as 3 of the team associated shims... But I feel like it is a "case-by-case" type of deal.

being that you are new to the forum and new to the traxxas 1/16; here is a link for a thread I put together. It was in no means meant to be a negative on the traxxas 1/16 line of RC's. but more of a starter's guide to be able to read, and check back on as you come across problems, The points covered vary in rate of occurance, but you asked about #1 with you first post. (I did try to list them in order of what comes first....)


Enjoy the revo, and the time with your boys!
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"Experienced user"
sedan1200 - 1.15.12, 11:02 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Wow, that went really fast. Thanks for all the links, they are great!!!
So that can get me started in optimizing my car!!
One of the main reasons for getting the 1/16 erevo was its size (smaller than most), its water-and-dirt-resistant features (yes, I know, the mechanics need servicing...) and I really liked the idea of the "training mode".
I already checked out the "Common Issues" thread, this is a great thing. It should be on top of all the topics of the forum, so all the new users would see it right away!! I guess each RC-car has its flaws; until now, I am surprised at how much abuse (mostly unintentional) the erevo can take. And it is really a fast mover (with my kids I use the training mode, but when I m alone...
And I already tried out the series connector for a few minutes, but I guess this really puts some strain on the parts (shame on me, did not change to the smaller gear yet )
My boys love to jump, but practicing that in the skater park does not really work with all that concrete around; so I built a little ramp at home where the RC can land in the grass. Still, things are going to break eventually, and I expect them to. I will change to the smaller pinion, which will increase the torque and thus the strain on the drivetrain, but with just one battery (NIMH for starters) I hope it should be ok. I prefer only one battery with the stock springs, with two they seem a little weak (and I already read that here in the forum, with one it seems ok for what I do with the car)
Thanks again for the fast and great answers!!
PS: A great thanks to UltimateRC for its videos...honest and really helpful, especially for a beginner like me!!
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Neuromancer - 1.16.12, 10:18 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Jumping is my favorite thing to do with the MERV and I am amazed at how long it lasted with only a few bucks in replacement parts.

After going with 40C lipos, I geared my sons MERV down to 23/50 and my MSV to 26/50. So much fun but the MERV definitely needed some more replacments after putting all that power into it.

Have been running dual nimh in parallel on the MSV but think I am done with that. the MERV still runs well even with the extra weight but the slash needs more punch for those sweeping sliding turns
MERV: GPM Shocks caps with ACE springs, TBone 3piece, Turnigy 390DMH, 23/55 gearing 60# 50K/40K diff
MSV: Single green front and back, Turnigy 390DMH, 28/50 60# 50K diff
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Frostman - 1.16.12, 11:14 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Sedan, welcome to URC! And I hope you and your boys enjoy the MERV! Its a great little car. Just has some little quirks like every other RC which you already learned about.
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Fox - 1.17.12, 4:14 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
So um, hi guys, I stripped my first diff. No idea how. It could have been then jumping as I accelerate, the WOT starts to test my wheelie bar, the accelerating and stopping rapidly, the pinion being sanded down by gremlins, etc.

Point is I can't keep tellign people I have never had a diff problem! Oh noooo!
Mini Revo, Yokomo MR4TC SD, Rustler, TT-01D (brushed) and E-Revo
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"Don't pet a burning dog..."
Frostman - 1.17.12, 6:12 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Welcome to the club Fox... Lol
Mattzilla Mantis (Brushless), Arrma Outcast, and a bunch of FPV mini quads...
....I am a hopeless addict....
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erevo1*16 - 1.17.12, 6:58 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
LOL @ Fox! Its about time...

you know, I am not even sure how many I went though before I found URC... I know it was at least 5 could have been like 8. I got really good at re building the rear end.
My Tastes are simple:
I am easily satisfied with the best.
-Sir Winston Churchill
"Experienced user"
sedan1200 - 1.17.12, 11:38 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
So, for practice I already started to shim something bigger today
see picture.
My boy did some snow driving today, and, what a lot of snow in and on the car!! I did a real good cleaning job afterwards, even getting the ball bearings out. I tried to clean them like on the video, getting the seals off and relubricating them. Oh boy, those small outer bearings are impossible to open without damaging the seals, the bigger ones were ok, but it was still a hassle . I think in the future I will just check the bearings regularily and replace them if needed.
It was already the second job I did on the erevo. Yesterday I heard some strange noise coming out of the gears at the motor area after just a few minutes of driving. I was really worried , but it was just some dirt that got ground up and stuck between the gears, nothing was broken. But I used the opportunity to change to the smaller pinion gear. After just a few minutes of driving, I think it is nicer that way, especially in tight areas (I set up a small track in my back yard, it is a slow track, I have a lot of trees there...)
Generally working on the car was ok, I liked it, and I am looking forward to finally find the time to order the shims... I am still checking if I can get them in Europe somewhere.
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