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4x4CRlSPY's Avatar
4x4CRlSPY - 1.23.12, 4:17 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
erevo1*16 said
lol. same with mine. I had bought an XL-5 bandit roller to get the chassis to do the STRC LCG kit on my slash... then I took my old slash chassis, and the remaining parts from the bandit, and made it a slash loaner for the buddies to use when they come over.
You copied me!! I did the same thing, although I still need a C-block and electronics.
We do have a lot in common- The same earth, the same air, the same sky... maybe if we started looking at what's the same rather than what's different... well who knows.
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.23.12, 5:20 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
well, so what weight shock oil, and what springs should I get, I have since lowered the truck on my own, and I'll post up a pic, but what springs should I get, the front should have fairly heavy, and the two spring lengths should be the same. I'm also slopwly replacing the screws with metric hex screws from home despot
here's the pic

And yes, Ineed to move shock mounting locations or shorten the springs up back
erevo1*16's Avatar
"Experienced user"
erevo1*16 - 1.23.12, 8:09 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
about the springs... asking us about what springs to run is kind of like asking the dude at the video game store what game you should buy... everyone has different idea about what video game is the best. (Spilter Cell Double Agent PS2.) everyone will have a different set up for their truck. the main reason for all the different set ups is that, everybody drives a little differently, and has their oun opinions about how their truck should drive/handle. not to mention the fact that we all live in different climates, and run on different surfaces. A guy that races on an indoor clay track with perfect conditions is going to have a different take on what springs he would use compared to some one who races outdoors, on a dirt course with changing track conditions.

The track I race; in any given day, can go from rock hard packed dirt, to very dry, dusty and loose if the tempurature goes up much. On a day that is a little more humid, and cool, the track gets very tacky and grip can be had at full trigger pull on exiting a corner.

when the track is hard, I want a little tighter spring so that I can push harder in the turns, when its loose, I want a medium spring. And when its tacky and there is lots of grip, I want something a bit more soft.

As for a brand, rather than a spring rate, I see a lot of guys recommend Losi spring.
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GUTSLAYER - 1.23.12, 8:24 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
i'd raise the front up so you don't bottom out landing jumps, run a rear sway bar, slash 4wd bell crank, and consider racing tires if that's what you're into... but honestly I don't know, you're slash seems fine to me lol
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.24.12, 4:34 am Post #15: | Reply With Quote
well, what length is the stock front spring length in trx to losi, and now I understand your predicament about recommending springs and shock oils,
Here's a lowered back pic,

Showin off the articulation
Frostman's Avatar
"Don't pet a burning dog..."
Frostman - 1.24.12, 4:59 am Post #16: | Reply With Quote
Losi 2" front, 2.5" rear.
Mattzilla Mantis (Brushless), and a bunch of FPV mini quads...
....I am a hopeless addict....
rustlerguy47's Avatar
"Experienced Newbie"
rustlerguy47 - 1.24.12, 1:09 pm Post #17: | Reply With Quote
love that body.
Slowly getting back into R/C.

4x4CRlSPY said
Poor guy, couldn't stomach the taco bell of speed.
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.24.12, 1:33 pm Post #18: | Reply With Quote
well, Imma run front springs all around to keep it low, but using shock spacers up back to keep the springs from falliing off when they decompress,
rustlerguy47 said
love that body.
Thanks for that, it was the first body I painted, and I trinmmed crazy amounts off of it to get/keep all of my ariculation without the tires rubbing the fender's edges
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.24.12, 3:41 pm Post #19: | Reply With Quote
Now to track design, it needs to be above ground, and moveable, thinking wooden bumpers with interlocking posts, and some portable plywood jumps, whaddaya think
mjbtaco's Avatar
"Experienced user"
mjbtaco - 1.24.12, 3:46 pm Post #20: | Reply With Quote
You can buy plastic skateboard ramps that would be pretty easy to set up and you can just chalk something out on the street. You can have a new track every time! Lol
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