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jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.28.12, 2:52 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote
chabged my mind on a bashing motor, I've only got 30 bucks play-money now so Imma get the TACON 3650-10t 3500kv Brushless motor, it only costs 25 bucks vs 60 or so, and well, Jang's reviewed the 3200kv version, but they are essentially the same, here's the link, and I do know it's 2-pole
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Diggerchick - 1.28.12, 3:36 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
How about putting proline shocks on. I have them on my grave digger and i love them.
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.29.12, 4:04 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
well, that'd be $100, for the powerstrokes, and I just don't have the money now, but I'll keep them in consideration
Frostman's Avatar
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Frostman - 1.29.12, 6:50 pm Post #34: | Reply With Quote
I like the tires on the back, gives it a different look. Do they make it drive screwy?
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jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 1.30.12, 1:58 pm Post #35: | Reply With Quote
well, the esc isn't back yet, but when I do I'll get back to you, but they should give it more rear bite, wheely easier, and do some traction rolls, but it's a lowered LCG slash so, IDK The esc will not be sent for another two weeks, (Castle's handling a mass recall of their HV escs), so the MMP has been ordered, it will be IN DA HOUSE by next week monday, but hopefully thursday
(Last edited by jhtfarquhar : 2.07.12 at 3:23 pm)
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 2.07.12, 3:21 pm Post #36: | Reply With Quote
ok, now for you all, vote on a vid, what should I be doing, Jumps? Speed runs? other? Any mods I should do for my Mamba Max Pro, it will be run on 3s pretty much exclusively, and should I go for some MIP CVDs, other brand CVDS, Jato driveshaft mod, or slash 4x4 driveshaft mod, just can't wait for my truck to be able to wheely again hopefully I will experience a large handling gain from my wide mod, and I hope it will not traction roll at all anymore, (Lowered it),even though it's LCG, I had it set with all the preload spacers, for extreme Jumping and bashing, but it rolled. Other Mods, Like sealing the Diff, Trans Rebuild?, custom overtray, overtray, new body, new tires (Yo tengo trenchers), so what should it be, and remember to vote by posting below
jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 2.07.12, 4:25 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
About time for some Mod pics, here y'alls go

Shortened rear springs

Foam to cushion the Battery and zip tie (to me they're easier to pull) bodie clips, and custom metal battery holdown

Braided the Motor wires

Sealed up a gap in the Rustler chassis to prevent random crp fom getting in there, and making it a PITA to clean up

erevo1*16's Avatar
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erevo1*16 - 2.07.12, 10:18 pm Post #38: | Reply With Quote
just wondering... but you don't really use six clips on the battery hold down do you?
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jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 2.08.12, 3:51 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
Actually I don't, but CHallenge Accepted, I just don't want to lose my body clips like last time (I Lost ALL 6)

The MMP is here, look at the box

Now, Where is it?

Not here


jhtfarquhar's Avatar
jhtfarquhar - 2.08.12, 4:10 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
Sad, no one has been commenting for a while
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