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rcbeginner's Avatar
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rcbeginner - 2.25.12, 3:30 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
what is your ecx setup all from your tires to your battery. Heres mine
Tires: Panther Switch Medium soft rear, Super soft front
Wheels: ECX Stock
Bearings: ECX Stock
Shocks: ECX Stock with losi 40w oil
Springs: ECX Stiff
Spur: Team Associated 87 Tooth 48 pitch
Pinion: Team Associated 19 tooth 48 pitch
Motor: Novak Velociti 6.5R Sensored
Esc: LRP Sphere Competition Brushed/Brushless Sensored Esc
Battery: Gens Ace 4800 mah Lipo Saddle Pack/ Reedy 3800 mah nimh
This is my bashing set up
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lorder05's Avatar
"Slow is Fast"
lorder05 - 2.25.12, 5:42 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Tires: Stock
Wheels: Stock
Bearings: Stock
Shocks: 20w front 40w rear stock bodies.
Spur: Stock
Pinion: 23t 2s/ 17t 3s
Motor: HK 3650 3980kv
Esc: HK 100amp sensorless
Battery: Gens Ace 5000mah 40c 2s/3s

Others: ECX metal gears, VXL shafts, HPI 2.4ghz radio, HPI sf-20 steering servo, flowtec sc body and torment front bumper.
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macllns30's Avatar
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macllns30 - 2.25.12, 7:52 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
wheels ; rpm wheels
shocks ; stock
drive shafts; vxl traxxas
stock pinion and spur
esc; stock
battery ; dynamite 4500 mah trx plugs
motor stock 20t
upgrading to brushless soon hopefully
Ratrodsuzuki's Avatar
"bring me a shrubbery"
Ratrodsuzuki - 2.25.12, 9:29 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote

tires: proline masher w/foam (formally stockers)
wheels: traxxas 5 star (for nitro rustler rear)
bearings: stock ecx
shocks: stock ecx all around
springs: rear, traxxas black, large spacer, 40wt, 1-hole hpi piston, homemade bumpstop. front, duratrax yellow, no spacer, 30wt, 2-hole hpi piston, no bumpstop.
transmission: traxxas magnum 272
spur: *56 tooth (32p)/ **54 tooth (32p)
pinion: *12 tooth (32p)/ **15 tooth (32p)
motor: *5900kv tacon/ **3200kv tacon
esc: hpi (castle) flux motiv
battery: *venom 20c/ **gens ace 40c (2s, 5000mah)
body: *stock/ **proline baja bug
-trx driveshafts, slash 4x4 front bumper (not on in pic), trx wheelie bar wheels on rear bumper mount.

trying some proline mashers this year. going to slice and dice them to try and gain some traction. the stockers worked well, but are a tad bigger than i want.
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kingkong559's Avatar
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kingkong559 - 2.25.12, 9:40 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
Rat- how are the masher tires working for you? I like them on my Circuit..
Automotive/Motorcycle enthusiast
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jreynolds5's Avatar
"Balls Out Basher!"
jreynolds5 - 2.25.12, 10:02 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote

Everything stock unless noted:

Motor: 3200kv Tacon
ESC: Sidewinder SV2 (unfortunately in the process of warranty replacement)
Replaced front control and steering arms with traxxas links.
Upgraded battery connectors to traxxas
Running 24T pinion on stock spur till it strips than going to associated
Flipped the yokes on drive shaft
Batteries: (1) Punch RC 2s 4000mAh 40c (for those slow days)
(2) sky lipo 3s 3300mAh 20c lipo (my main runners)
I also have a wheelie bar I put on for speed runs and showing off. I don't know how often I hear "Do you really need that wheelie bar?" I say watch this. I usually hear "Oh (insert many an explicative) that fast!" lol

Mostly bash....been to a track once. Didn't have my 3s yet.....can't wait to get my esc back so I can go again!
Torment 3200kv on 3s...My friends say I'm crazy....I say I'm Balls Out!

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fuzeEXR's Avatar
"Experienced user"
fuzeEXR - 2.25.12, 10:54 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
upgraded metal shocks all around
traxxas slash vxl driveshafts
ecx metal tranny
fs-gt3b 2.4ghz radio system
fuze 5800kv brushless system
stock wheels and tires
gens ace 5000mah 40c 3s lipo
28t pinion gear
mtm68's Avatar
"Can't stop collecting"
mtm68 - 2.26.12, 7:20 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
Circuit: dead stock except metal gears in the trans, and it's filled 120k ofna oil.
Torment: associated gold springs, 50 wt oil, extra spacers to Increase ride height, split 6 bead locks with proline caliber (maybe?) tires. Associated links and rpm ball studs. 15 t motor, with a 17t pinion, stock spur. Offbrand faster & stronger servo, Still running 7 cell nimh, 3200kv and 5900kv brushless systems in the mail, then 2s and 3s LIpo setups
I'll format this better when I'm not on my phone.
The collections bloated... Slashes, torment, circuit, Nexx10sc, on road, an ebuggy, an exo, a gcm stretched 1717 powered savage; and a super 5sc flux, oh my!
norcalairman's Avatar
"Experienced user"
norcalairman - 2.26.12, 8:55 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Tires: ECX Stock
Wheels: ECX Stock
Bearings: ECX Stock
Shocks: ECX Stock
Springs: ECX Stock
Spur: ECX Stock
Pinion: ECX Stock
Motor: ECX Stock
Esc: ECX Stock
Battery: Sky 5000 mAh 40C hard case Lipo
Receiver: Fully-Sky GRC3
Ratrodsuzuki's Avatar
"bring me a shrubbery"
Ratrodsuzuki - 2.26.12, 10:03 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
kingkong559 said
Rat- how are the masher tires working for you? I like them on my Circuit..
what i got and what you got are different mashers. i have the original type masher, you got the masher 2000's. mine suck (why i want to slice and dice), yours are alot nicer. i had a set of masher 2000's, worked great. sold them to my buddy, now i want another set.
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