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ChazOutlaw's Avatar
"Experienced user"
ChazOutlaw - 3.05.12, 4:45 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
Ok, I've had a few issues with my Arrma Granite. Mostly a Junk servo, and motor running too hot. Plus I managed to break a body mount. Though that is no fault of the manufacturer's. I contacted them via email. To let them know about these issues. And distinctly told them I do not want the servo replaced, as I planned to upgrade anyway, I explained that my email was just feedback for them. But if they wanted, I would take a replacement body mount, and maybe a spare motor. (I love the power that little arrma 540 makes).
. I sent it late friday night, and they got back to me monday morning. And their reply.
Thank you for contacting Product Support.

I would like to send a new parts for your granite.

Please provide full shipping information.

Fr body mount ARAC3472
Motor ARAG1000
Servo FUTM0045
They're sending me a futaba s3305 high torque metal gear servo. Not a pricey one, but a significant upgrade over the original. (i think)
The product support is actually through Hobbico, not Arrma itself.
I've always had great luck with customer service in this hobby. But I think this is outstanding, and I felt compelled to share my experience with you folks.
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Rsickles - 3.05.12, 5:13 pm Post #2: | Reply With Quote
That's awesome.

ChazOutlaw said
The product support is actually through Hobbico, not Arrma itself.
This is the best outcome of the Hobbico purchase.... customer support. If you ever call for technical support, the operators are usually people in the hobby... and they start carrying on conversations about their own stuff or a friends stuff. Hobbico being so big and a owner/distributor of many brands, they usually can help you out.
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Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 3.05.12, 5:22 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote
You think you might be able to vouch for me and say another granite broke and you need more stuff?

I've only had to use customer service once in this hobby, and that was for a lipo charger that went bad. It hasn't been resolved yet, but so far they've been decent.
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HotWheeler69 - 3.05.12, 5:45 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Its good to here that hobby services is provideing servies for ARRMA. I love the service they give for Duratrax and thats the main reason I keep buying them. What email address did you use for services? I just ordered a ARRMA Fury for my wife. ARRMA says two years warrenty so we will see. I hope I have the same great feedback you have. I know tower had me upset today but they came through for me so I am happy.
ChazOutlaw's Avatar
"Experienced user"
ChazOutlaw - 3.05.12, 5:49 pm Post #5: | Reply With Quote
I used the support email right off the Arrma site. Your Fury should be good to go. Unless you get one with a bum servo. My fury never suffered from the heat issues my granite had.
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jreynolds5 - 3.05.12, 6:02 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
My brother-in-law so far has had good luck with Viper customer support. He bought a esc/motor combo thru amain and had it be one of the bad ones and had it crap out. He got online and got the required information to send it in and did so via UPS. He for some reason did not contact them first but did a couple days after he shipped it. The phone was answered live (first bonus) and when he explained what he did and they said they normally send shipping labels for such things but being that he shipped it out already they would credit his account the $15 he spent. they are also giving any one who has a motor problem a pro programmer free which are $50. So hopefully after thier little issue with a batch of motors they are found to be great motors because that is some damn good customer service in my opinion!
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theJANG - 3.05.12, 6:10 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
Support for Hobbico brands really is as good as it gets. Sometimes I feel they're even too generous. I've had to contact different departments over time regarding different brands and it has never been less than an A+ experience.
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