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Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 4.14.12, 12:11 am Post #291: | Reply With Quote
Hit "Like" if you wana see me test this thing, even if you don't want to buy it, yourself
So were you joking? or will you really review it? Getting it around the on-road track would be fun to see
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borisdamole's Avatar
"Experienced user"
borisdamole - 4.14.12, 12:20 am Post #292: | Reply With Quote
Tim Eggers said
Getting it around the on-road track would be fun to see


Thats what it would be like on the track!
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guys2nv's Avatar
"Short Skirts, Guns, Swords"
guys2nv - 1.02.13, 9:50 pm Post #293: | Reply With Quote
Just browsing Traxxas website and noticed you can now buy just the basic rolling chassis to display the bodies. Traxxas #6995 (I think) and according to Traxxas site should cost $50 or less.

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SuburbnHooligan's Avatar
"going back to the 90's"
SuburbnHooligan - 1.02.13, 9:53 pm Post #294: | Reply With Quote
yeah been out for a while now.
now price the body's and see just how much that dust collecting shelf ornament would cost you.
im suburban hooligan, and i approve this message.
federally's Avatar
"Big Talkin Know Nothin"
federally - 1.04.13, 7:47 am Post #295: | Reply With Quote
I couldn't possibly imagine wanting to drag race without the sound of an engine.
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Sparta, TN
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Byodood - 1.04.13, 6:21 pm Post #296: | Reply With Quote
federally said
I couldn't possibly imagine wanting to drag race without the sound of an engine.
It really is boring. It's quiet, it isn't fun when not dragging, and it isn't even competitive. It is not even close to competing with custom/kit electric drag car, much less nitro's.
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