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Jay-Em - 3.31.12, 5:22 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote

for a dragster???

And be utterly humiliated with one's "dragster-speed-demon-thingy" by the neighbor kids with a cheap brushless RTR??

Seriously now. The only brushed dragsters I know of were the ones of yore, with the chillingly expensive cobalt drag-motors, that ate a set brushes per run, and are completely outdated, and out-powered by modern brushless standards.
"Basically, they're still toys.."
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Qwhat? - 3.31.12, 5:27 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
mycrors4 said
not trying to sound biased here.. even though i kinda am biased.... just contradicted my own statement lol. yes, this is a biased post. if you can't handle it, well.. idk?

you'd need to hit up a race track or even a drag track to use it =/

as suburbn said, it's just another shelf queen.


i do like that it's going to be 2wd, or at least i hope it will.
i just hope it isnt going to cost an arm, leg and an apple product to use.
All valid points, but I don't look at it as the kind of vehicle they want to sell to the community in general. This is the kind of thing that people who are hardcore into this type of racing would buy, or something you'd get a guy who works for the pit crew just for the novelty of it.
Markcigar's Avatar
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Markcigar - 3.31.12, 5:28 pm Post #33: | Reply With Quote
1.11.12, 2:27 pm
When a traxxas sponsored driver wins a torc event..they put a slash with a replica
body on the roof of their real car
When Courtney wins a drag race ,what are they gonna put on the roof of her car ? A slash? A revo? A stampede? I think not....
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seth556's Avatar
"Uninexperienced User"
seth556 - 3.31.12, 7:39 pm Post #34: | Reply With Quote
I'm sure you guys probably won't consider buying this as you'd have very little use for it. Although with all of the hundreds of thousands of people going to drag racing events, they'll sell a bunch. There was a big event about 2 hours away from where I work, I work at a hobby shop and we had at least 10 guys coming in interested because they saw the Traxxas cars at the show. We probably sold 4 or 5 trucks because of it. WIth that said, I'm sure their booth and car gets a lot of people interested, and that's where the drag car comes in. The people are already interested in drag racing, and they can now buy a RC drag car that goes very fast. Then when they want something they can run everywhere they'll go and buy another Traxxas. It's a good deal all around.
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Bernard C - 3.31.12, 7:49 pm Post #35: | Reply With Quote
April fools guys !
mjc597's Avatar
"just your average user"
mjc597 - 3.31.12, 7:52 pm Post #36: | Reply With Quote
it's cool, i haven't got a use for one, but traxxas will set up a booth at the nhra events and have the timing stuff setup and alot of people who probably aren't into rc's will see it, try it out, and traxxas will sell a bunch to the wannabe weekend drag-racers...
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Cubic2.4's Avatar
"Circa 2008; NorOR"
Cubic2.4 - 3.31.12, 8:02 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
Dear freaking goodness! That's the one of the ugliest RCs I've ever seen. I hate funny cars and agree with mycrors4.
"Trust, but verify"
- Ronald Reagan
mman1506's Avatar
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mman1506 - 3.31.12, 8:05 pm Post #38: | Reply With Quote
Bernard C said
April fools guys !
I wish it was....

Electric drag racing is boring (An overkill reaction time test).
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tamiyafier's Avatar
tamiyafier - 3.31.12, 8:05 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
Cubic2.4 said
Dear freaking goodness! That's the one of the ugliest RCs I've ever seen. I hate funny cars and agree with mycrors4.
I do have to agree on that as well.
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LGA45's Avatar
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LGA45 - 3.31.12, 8:30 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
I bet it runs the magnum 272 tranny on a hyper-extended rusty chassis, with a standard trx 1/10 front end.

mycrors4 said
i just hope it isnt going to cost an arm, leg and an apple product to use.
It's got a TQi, so I'm willing to bet that it WILL cost all 3 of those.
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