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Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 7.07.12, 1:43 pm Post #31: | Reply With Quote

I think it looks pretty schaweet. Definately going to try this out.

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

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crusey_aus's Avatar
"These Pretzels !"
crusey_aus - 7.07.12, 5:16 pm Post #32: | Reply With Quote
Cant wait, they are allready a week late !

Slash Plati
Xerun 150, Tenshock SC401 (3500kv)

Gensace 5000mah 40c

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OnGoinMoneyPit - 7.11.12, 3:23 am Post #33: | Reply With Quote
curious as to how they hooked up the dx3r wireless-ly to the computer.
Well there's 0.2c I'll never get back.......
iamahuman's Avatar
"Leftie M11x user"
iamahuman - 7.11.12, 4:07 am Post #34: | Reply With Quote
They have a dongle hooked up to the PC and it receives its inputs from an Rx. The Rx receives power from the USB port itself.
SSC LCG Slash 4x4
rcpython59's Avatar
"Experienced user"
rcpython59 - 7.11.12, 11:09 am Post #35: | Reply With Quote
anyone else think jang should get this and review it?
ugh,im sorry for what happenned to my account guys....
Evil genius jr.'s Avatar
"Experienced user"
Evil genius jr. - 7.11.12, 11:10 am Post #36: | Reply With Quote
Review what? Just download the demo and try it for yourself for free.
Venom's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Venom - 7.11.12, 12:04 pm Post #37: | Reply With Quote
Is the offroad version only going to have SC?

I hope it has 2WD Buggy.

Is it out yet?
Evil genius jr.'s Avatar
"Experienced user"
Evil genius jr. - 7.11.12, 12:05 pm Post #38: | Reply With Quote
Will have others eventually. Its not out yet.
Tim Eggers's Avatar
Tim Eggers - 8.08.12, 10:39 pm Post #39: | Reply With Quote
They say they have the release date scheduled for this friday. I just got curious and looked at their facebook page. Schaweet.

I've got a flysky gt3b with the usb cable now, so I'm going to try it out for sure.
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User Unrelated's Avatar
"A little bit of everything"
User Unrelated - 8.08.12, 10:50 pm Post #40: | Reply With Quote
This reminds me
I found my Flysky USB cable
and my JR R1 has a suspiciously similar port labeled DSC
in the manual, it shows an adapter that plugs right into an RC, so in the olden days before 2.4GHz (mine has a spektrum module now) you could test your RC in the pits without wackin' out the people racing by turning on your transmitter and adding one more frequency to the mix (there's a seperate switch to power on the TX, but not transmit anything from the antennae)

I wonder if that USB thing from my flysky would work?
I completely forgot about it until right now
too bad my demo is most definitely expired lol.

to controllermate!
Has almost too many RC's.
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