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loty's Avatar
"Experienced user"
loty - 6.19.12, 7:53 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I've read few threads on this forum about making your own decals and some pointed to inkjet vinyl decal paper like this one

Just wanted to know if anyone had actually used it and how does it stand to normal abuse of bashing and track racing?
"Experienced user"
JJBTEXAS - 6.19.12, 8:21 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
I've never tried it but I would suggest printing on white paper instead of clear. inkjet printers can't print in thick enough colors for clear. your sticker would be transparent.
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"Vacationing user"
dudeinaroom - 6.19.12, 8:59 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
He is very right about the clear. I used to work in a print shop. With the clear vinyl you also can not print white, any thing that you wanted white would be clear. Colors will also shift shades if you apply it over another color. I don't know about regular ink jets making it waterproof. The pro machines have a heater in them that heats the vinyl and helps colors to bond with the vinyl and cure, and will resist water.
"Experienced user"
JJBTEXAS - 6.19.12, 9:17 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
you might be able to achieve this with a heat gun or hair dryer, just be careful
DEX410R, AE FT B4.1, F104 Pro, AE TC4 VTA, DXR8-E, SCX-10 Rubicon, Wraith Rubicon, TF2 F350, Pajero, Unimog.....
zazoo's Avatar
"Experienced user"
zazoo - 6.19.12, 10:48 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote

I work as a graphic designer, for home printing please make sure the type of ink and waterproof paper will affect the lifetime of the decal.

Oil based inks are the best for exterior, now days you can use water base for that purpose but need to make sure will resist water.

For testing purposes for your home printer you can try with "book laminate" (are sell in transparent and withe color) (cut it of a paper size sheet) No all the ink-jet printers can print over "plastic" papers
Caution: Do not use on laser printer, the heat sensor will get broken
Dr. Isotope's Avatar
"Forum Dwelling Basher"
Dr. Isotope - 6.19.12, 1:16 pm Post #6: | Reply With Quote
I've used the white waterproof inkjet vinyl from Papilio, it is as waterproof as they claim-- after printing, you actually rinse the decals in water to remove excess ink. As to durability, they last about as well as a printed decal would when subjected to the abuse of bashing an R/C vehicle.
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"Vacationing user"
dudeinaroom - 6.19.12, 1:54 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
heed zazoo's word's about the laser printers!!! Another thing you can do is use frog juice....It is for waterproofing and uv stabilizing printer vynil graphics, just make sure your graphics are dry and apply in thin coats
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