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"trying too hard bro"
GUTSLAYER - 8.19.12, 11:06 am Post #51: | Reply With Quote
So I began painting bodies to sell, this is my first one!

Updates to my car,

JConcepts Bar Codes Gold Compound mounted on Proline Renegade tires! I plan to practice this Monday... that'll be interesting lol

"Experienced user"
RC Dragon - 8.19.12, 9:38 pm Post #52: | Reply With Quote
Just sick looking dude!
"trying too hard bro"
GUTSLAYER - 8.20.12, 7:52 pm Post #53: | Reply With Quote
Ha thanks man, I'm working on my next body now, the taping is almost finished.

Just converted my slash to race today, it took nearly all day, suspension and gear ratios are prime, but my steering just refuses to work, the left turn issue still remains, I believe the custom Ackerman is hitting the back of my shock tower... Problems... Always problems!

Tomorrow I'll finish up the build and post pictures and head to the track for practice, races are Wednesday and Saturday, I'm looking to race next wed... Ha that'll be amusing!
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SlashBasher42 - 8.22.12, 11:47 pm Post #54: | Reply With Quote
You definitely have one nice looking truck! How much will you be selling those bodies for?

I love the look of the hart & huntington one on your truck. What did you use for the "netting" stuff on the windows and vent holes?
"trying too hard bro"
GUTSLAYER - 8.24.12, 6:52 pm Post #55: | Reply With Quote
Thanks a lot man!

Well I put the bodies up on eBay starting at 99 cents and then the bidders bid up from there so there is really no set price, only when the bidding stops. I'm nearly complete with my second body now and I have more on the way. If you'd like a body specially designed, I'm sure we could work it out, just let me know.

Thanks, I'm a big fan of the decal and liked how it looked on the side like that

The netting in the vent holes is actually just left over window screen, just cut out and epoxxy'd onto the body.
The metal grate was purchased at home depot. It was a side vent grate for a house. only $2.00 and then I used eppoxy to glue it onto the side window and the rear flo vents.
However I would not recommend epoxxy to glue them on because as the body flexed, the side windows stayed rigid and pulled off the paint. I would recommend using for small screws with locknuts instead of eppoxy. But that's how i learned! :P

Day One at the Track:
So the day began by me attempting to run my battery down so that i could recharge it for a practice day at the track, since i had used it throughout the day to get my steering tuned since I was having so much trouble with it. I ditched the 4wd bellcrank... yes you heard me. i simply just could NOT get the correct geometry! I know people say they could get it to work flawlessly.. but not me. I tried and tried and tried and tried. So it was back to the stock bellcrank, but the stock bellcrank was not creating the oversteer I was looking for with its simple white servo saver.. So i said what the heck, why not just run a horn?? Servo saver can't be thaaaaaat important. it'll be fine, it's just one day! WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong. Within 20 minutes of driving in front of my house, casually none the less, I had demolished the gears in my servo. So I ripped apart my father's stock rustler and implemented that. The challenge still remained, how would I create the servo arm length I desired while staying safe?? NO SAVER HORN NO PROBLEM! I whipped up this beautiful creation seen in the picture below in a matter of 30 minutes with a dremel and quick thinking! By cutting off the ridges of the arm and the saver, I was attach the two together.. CREATING THE GREATEST SERVO SAVER ARM KNOWN TO MAN! But not really... what I will say though is it got the job done! I ran it for 2-3 hours at the track with no problems or breaks whatsoever! Granted it didn't steer like I wanted, but at least I was at the track! So my driving style went like this... Floor it into the turn, hard brake, pull the wheel, and fast and the furious drift through every turn! It was great! Amusing too! However the "S" turn killed me cause I couldn't go fast enough, but... oh well! In summary there were no broken parts, just some mutilation to the body, but I like to think of them as battle scars

"trying too hard bro"
GUTSLAYER - 8.26.12, 1:10 pm Post #56: | Reply With Quote
Just painted a new body, my last one sold for $71!

"trying too hard bro"
GUTSLAYER - 8.31.12, 12:23 am Post #57: | Reply With Quote
So. It's official.

The beginnings of a custom chassis are in the works!

Parts are on the way and i have developed the upper chassis plate.

Using FR G-10 composite material, I hope to create a mid motor slash chassis for better weight distribution and potentially save weight.. whether or not that actually happens.

Using Dr. Isotopes previous and current designs as well as Jang's Ultimate Bandit and Rustler Projects.. my project begins now.

but man! let me just say this is hard work! i'm merely measure, drawing, and designing, and i'm running into problems left and right! Props to everyone who has worked on their own chassis.. it is by no means an easy task!

hazardouschurch's Avatar
hazardouschurch - 8.31.12, 12:45 pm Post #58: | Reply With Quote
A Little tip this wont be the last chassis. Anyways looking sweet g-10 is my next chassis material when i have everything sorted out on the current one. Also using clear plastic like acrylic or even tape helps to line up the holes. Dont forget that you need to suport the rear shock tower.
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"Brushless or bust"
traxxasrockhead - 8.31.12, 1:03 pm Post #59: | Reply With Quote
looks awesome what material are you using for the chassis
"If you don't try you don't fail, and if you don't fail you don't learn"- anonymous
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gigambo263 - 8.31.12, 1:36 pm Post #60: | Reply With Quote
but man! let me just say this is hard work! i'm merely measure, drawing, and designing, and i'm running into problems left and right! Props to everyone who has worked on their own chassis.. it is by no means an easy task!

i also designed my own chassis and it is hard work but it makes fun, i agree with you
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