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ericmaxman's Avatar
"New user"
ericmaxman - 8.22.12, 5:36 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote

The Turnigy 3XS features a large, easy to read back-lit LCD, a quick access jog wheel for function selection and programming, 15 model memory, steering wheel extension as standard and a host of programming features normally only found on expensive "high-end" radios.

The 3XS not only looks great, it feels great in your hands, which is what really counts when it comes to surface radios. The ergonomics have been very well thought out on this one making all the functions such as Steering/Throttle trims easily accessible while operating your model. No need to take your hands off of the wheel or throttle trigger to make adjustments on the go!

This radio system is compatible with and includes the HK3100 3CH FHSS receiver. This receiver is compact and lightweight allowing you to install it in just about any model's radio compartment.

EPA adjustment
Sub trim
Dual rates
Servo reversing
Programmable steering curve
Programmable throttle curve
ABS (anti-lock braking)
15 model memory
Programmable steering/throttle speed
Throttle hold function
Integrated timer

Channels: 3
RF Type: 2.4GHz FHSS
Weight: 350g (without batteries)
Power: 4 x AA batteries
Channels: 3
RF Type: 2.4GHz FHSS
Operating Voltage: 4.5~5.5V <30mA
Dimensions: 33 x 19 x 12mm
Weight: 9g

4 x AA battery


[UPDATE] Took me just a while to find the OEM of this cool system. It's made by HiSky

(Last edited by ericmaxman : 8.22.12 at 5:48 am)
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Evil genius jr.'s Avatar
"Experienced user"
Evil genius jr. - 8.22.12, 5:39 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
Awesome! FHSS from HK!
candre23's Avatar
"Not the bees!"
candre23 - 8.22.12, 5:46 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
If only they had made it compatible with the flysky RXs...
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discgolferlee's Avatar
"Da mitten state!!"
discgolferlee - 8.22.12, 5:47 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
not too shabby. sort of a cross between the futaba 4pl and 4pk. considering the whole radio system is cheaper than rx's for our "name brand" radios. well done hobbyking!
ericmaxman's Avatar
"New user"
ericmaxman - 8.22.12, 5:49 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
candre23 said
If only they had made it compatible with the flysky RXs...
Sorry to burst your bubble, but this particular radio ain't by FlySky, although we all do hope so!

I've updated post 1 as I found who made these.
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reptileman's Avatar
"Experienced user"
reptileman - 8.22.12, 5:56 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
looks like a spektrum clone!
candre23's Avatar
"Not the bees!"
candre23 - 8.22.12, 5:57 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
I know they're not compatible - I was lamenting that fact. Graphs and whatnot are nice bling, but I'm not sure there's any actual value in this beyond what you'd get from a GT3B with custom firmware. And since the RXs for this cost twice what the flysky RXs go for, it gets a lot more expensive in the long run just to get a fancy display.
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derekb's Avatar
"Experienced user"
derekb - 8.22.12, 6:30 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
it probably has bugs too!
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"Experienced user"
WAY - 8.22.12, 7:25 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
Does this mean I can buy the HK3100 receiver pictured above to be used with my 4PL???
ericmaxman's Avatar
"New user"
ericmaxman - 8.22.12, 7:26 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote

I think its just a naming system. I dont think this system would work with a Futaba radio. Check the discussions at HK. Some has tried but it doesnt work.
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