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theJANG - 9.28.12, 11:17 pm Post #41: | Reply With Quote
4literranger485 said
I notice a lot of people complain about the "coolest newest RTR"'s tires. Has any RTR ever came with a really exceptional sticky race tire?!?!?!! lol

It just seem's like a moot point at times. No one is going to pass on a car that they think is cool (seriously, this thing looks COOL) just because the tires aren't pro-line super soft goodness.
I just wish more companies would include at least a useful tread pattern that will work on something other than swept concrete or stretched ozite. Just a generic medium-small square block pattern is all I ask for, for rears at least, thin enough underneath to have some compliance. They're not going to use race-style compounds, due to cost, and that's fine. A useful tread pattern would go a long, long, long way towards preventing a vehicle from requiring an immediate $50 wheel/tire replacement right out of the box.

What I said on this one, though, was:
Useful rears, RTR-spec fronts that look like they come from an entirely different vehicle. Since the fronts are a new mold, at least they could have made a mold that didn't stand out quite as badly. I wonder if they originally intended to put original SC10s on the rear, but somebody finally did the right thing and decided that those useless tires are not only useless, but should never be included on a car because they're useless.
This vehicle that this thread is about, the SC10B, has raceable rear tires, like the higher-spec SC10 trucks. The fronts are poor, but this will help soften the SC10's inherent tail happiness. The tires on this buggy should work just fine. The fronts just look way out of place.
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JimPrower - 9.29.12, 2:30 am Post #42: | Reply With Quote
On another note, the fronts look much narrower than the rears as well, sort of like the Axial EXO's wheels. I wonder if that wheel/tire width combo is the same?
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speedeur - 9.29.12, 3:36 am Post #43: | Reply With Quote
It's look great.!!
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dmqamq247 - 9.29.12, 7:13 am Post #44: | Reply With Quote
xerxes said
if its has a plastik diff, xman will pass.
All the AE's have plastic diffs. they are made to very tight tollerences thoug and can withstand some serious power.
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RacerRC - 9.29.12, 9:42 am Post #45: | Reply With Quote
I'll stick with my Kyosho DB.
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Venom - 9.29.12, 10:25 am Post #46: | Reply With Quote
I really like this.

If they come out with a FT kit I will be buying and putting in a waterproof set of electronics and some slighshots and mohawk tires.

Perfect sand basher...
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DavidFuchser - 9.29.12, 10:54 am Post #47: | Reply With Quote
xerxes said
if its has a plastik diff, xman will pass.
Same here. These rtr tires do well on carpet, so do my wheely king tires.
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Jay-Em - 9.29.12, 11:37 am Post #48: | Reply With Quote
*sniff*.. it's beautiful!

And "normal" screw-sizes. Would You believe I stayed away from the Losi SB, because of Losi's stubborn intrancience in using "standard" , instead of metric? Went for the Ultima Db instead. After $25.- for an aluminum rear-plate, I never regretted that for a moment.

I wasn't prepared to buy all sorts of extra tools júst to be able to wrench on it. The mini-t cured me of the urge to éver buy Losi again, by virtue of it having "standard" hardware...(who's standard anyways???)

Since Asso is sold under the flag of LRP overhere, I am pretty sure I can get my hands on the SC10B quite quick.

Now Traxxas with a cheapy variation, and the party is complete... (they already sponsor buggy cross.. And moto-cross and snowmobile-cross... Eh.. Wait, that last one prolly's nót going to materialize.)

(Last edited by Jay-Em : 9.29.12 at 11:51 am)
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dmqamq247 - 9.29.12, 1:24 pm Post #49: | Reply With Quote
Hmmm... I wonder where Mr. DeLong is in this, after all he is the resident DB enthusiast.
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BillDeLong - 9.29.12, 2:58 pm Post #50: | Reply With Quote
just curious, what RTR tire doesn't work well on carpet?

I am disappointed with the shock spacer clips, would much rather have threaded spacers or at least the Losi style pinch clips.

I wonder how the body fastens, kinda hard to see in the first pic. Would be interesting if they copied the Losi style.
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