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"Experienced user"
Premier00000 - 10.14.12, 6:54 am Post #1: | Reply With Quote
So, my sons really into RC's and found a Slash and Losi Ten-Scte 4x4 and they came with a TON of spare parts, tools, and even a tool box for everything. So I jumped on the opportunity to buy them.

When I got the trucks and everything home I immediately tore into both trucks to see what i got.

The Losi was pretty much stock except for a different set of wheels and tires. (I'm planning on selling that at some point, seems like no one wants it locally)

The Slash, it came with a bunch of RPM and Integy parts, as well as a Velineon Brushless setup, and a newly painted Raptor body (which looked horrible).

I ended up swapping the front and rear ends with my Stampede to make the Slash a bit wider and to make it look right with the Stampede wheels and tires. Also put in my old brushed ESC and crap Titan motor in it because i think the brushless was too fast for my 5year old to start out on. Also took the Raptor body and painted the outside of it with Plastidip and Rustoleum Fluorescent Orange. It turns out the orange has acetone and some other stuff that is used to clean up plastidip, go figure.

I plan on getting a 25-35turn brushed motor so it has more torque but doesn't go as fast. The truck has no power when running in training mode.

Here's how it looks now.

childofwar_4h's Avatar
"Experienced user"
childofwar_4h - 10.14.12, 7:25 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
If the person wanted to have cracks and flat oarange they did an excellent job
10 years of r/c and still learning things.
"Experienced user"
billzkustomz - 10.14.12, 7:32 am Post #3: | Reply With Quote
you cant paint lexan with non lexan paint ****.. or that happens
"Experienced user"
Premier00000 - 10.14.12, 8:09 am Post #4: | Reply With Quote
I painted it like that. The body was originally red and blue which looked horrible, they didn't prep it right. And the reason it looks like that is because the orange paint reacted with the plastidip. My son wanted it black and orange. Painting the outside of the body was cheaper than ordering a new body and lexan safe paint. Once he gets more experience driving the truck ill order him a new body. It didn't seem like a good idea to buy a new body for him to learn with.

BTW, the plastidip was perfectly fine painted over the lexan, so that's not the reason it looks like that.
(Last edited by Premier00000 : 10.14.12 at 8:11 am)
CoryJG's Avatar
"Experienced user"
CoryJG - 10.14.12, 8:47 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
billzkustomz said
you cant paint lexan with non lexan paint ****.. or that happens
lol there's always one DB on the boards...
"Experienced user"
Premier00000 - 10.14.12, 9:14 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
CoryJG said
lol there's always one DB on the boards...
I'm glad you said what I was thinking. It's unfortunate they didn't read the post but only looked at the picture and then commented, thinking they knew what they were commenting on.
CoryJG's Avatar
"Experienced user"
CoryJG - 10.14.12, 9:17 am Post #7: | Reply With Quote
I think it looks sweet and i'm sure your son does too, and that's all that matters
"Vacationing user"
turbo4age - 10.14.12, 9:28 am Post #8: | Reply With Quote
looks perfect for a 5 year old.

i love seeing trucks for kids as im chomping at the bit for my one and a half year old to get old enough to start driving with dad. he already eagerly flips the trucks when the wife and i drive out front.
"Experienced user"
Premier00000 - 10.14.12, 9:49 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
My son loves righting my truck when it flips upside down. He'll be getting this one. next weekend for his birthday. He LOVES bright orange, and black. The next body will probably be a beetle or something else with an older body style, he loves seeing classic trucks at the drag strip or customized on TV.
red dog's Avatar
"Experienced user"
red dog - 10.14.12, 10:26 am Post #10: | Reply With Quote
I think it looks awesome. With some decals it will be perfect.
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