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rc10b4awd - 10.17.12, 9:29 pm Post #1: | Reply With Quote
I was looking at the "Just Announced" section at Tower Hobbies and noticed that Ofna has a new GT-V2E.

I also found more info here:


It looks a lot like the TeamC GT8LE and seems like it has some nice specs, but is a large price increase compared to the GTP2E or DM One Spec E. I guess it is time to start saving up.
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stregone - 10.20.12, 10:55 am Post #2: | Reply With Quote
It looks like ofna is the importer for Team-C now.
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BillDeLong - 1.03.13, 7:36 pm Post #3: | Reply With Quote


OFNA said
We just don't go "Green" we go "Mean" with kV in mind. The GTV2e will blow your mind! This ain't your Daddy's Prius as you might think by its size. This bad boy takes its speed beyond the speed limit in seconds and becomes the tiny dot far away. This ultimate ride was made to be on the track with sheer cornering and efficiency. Your electric powered ride rolls away with super smooth bearings. Load your GTV2e with cells galore as you can fit them side saddled to launch the GT-V2e into a BLURR. CVD's and aluminum shocks keep that power together and hold it in a straight line. This is not just a fast car, but a really fast car. OFNA pushes the envelope for what may be electric at it's most fierce; a modern marvel.

The GT-V2e has the strength of a buggy with full bodied arms, solid caster blocks and steering knuckles, with steel shielded bearings. The CVAs keep the car moving foward with good handling from the steering and the up and down travel from the arms keeping it going at full speed. Steel turnbuckles for camber and steering help you dial in more camber and toe if necessary for any situation.

The servo saver system is spring loaded at the top for quick adjustment. The included sealed bearings help your servo power efficiently. Connection to the saver system is the CNC aluminum draglink with three point akerman positions. A quick change in the akerman is possible with a buffer screw adjustment to any of the three positions for either a quick responding steering or to dial out some aggressiveness.

At the front of the gearbox a hi-density front bumper is sandwiched together by the bumper assembly keeping it safe from hard crashes or those moving curves.

These shocks are down right awesome! Silky smooth hardcoated shock bodies push the piston up and down freely to gain the most traction out of your shocks. With threaded shock bodies the ride height collars can be adjusted precisely to get the ride height you are looking for. Aluminum shock caps with bladders seal in the shock oil along with o-rings. The nitride coated shock shafts glide with ease. These shocks are quick and easy to maintain and change oils in a quick timely manner.

The overall chassis layout has many features to have your eye going everywhere. Side saddle battery packs allow flexiblity in battery choices. Stoneguards shield your motor, batteries, esc and servo from debris or side impacts. A double carriage assembly for the servo and reciever box holds the servo firmly in place and protects your reciever from getting damaged from moisture. The chassis itself is hardcoated 7075 aluminum with countersunk screws and flat bottomed for road hugging performance.

The demands of electric power need to be harnessed down to get the full potential out of your motor. The assembly in the center has many features to further help you choose this GT. Two center diff mounts hold the 42 tooth spur and spool in place. One of the mounts is intergrated with the motor mount which has a sliding cam to hold the motor in place. You can fit from 15 to 21 tooth pinions onto the 4.3:1 gear ratio.

The rear end has strong arms connected to uprights with wheelbase adjustments and camberlink positions. The rear CVAs are held in place with more sealed bearings so the diff can do it's job in traction control.

Setup is a breeze in the rear as the shock tower has shock position changes and inner camberlink angles, a sway bar to control roll, steel turnbuckles for camber setting, an anti-squat plate with degree inserts and an aluminum rear toe plate with degree inserts to help the high speed stability of the car.

The rear bumper serves two purposes. First, it protects the car in the event of a rear end collision. Second, it acts as a diffuser just like in full scale. It gets downforce to the rear as air flow passes under the car and the small fins under the bumper keep some side bite for the car.

Centerline CVAs push your power into the gearbox to drive out to the wheels. The differentials and pinions front and rear are hardened and straight cut to handle the large amount of torque given from the motor and both front and rear are oil filled for the best possible traction you can put to the car.

The GT-V2e Pro chassis features side saddle battery holders with long velco straps for what ever set of batteries you may choose.

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BillDeLong - 1.03.13, 7:40 pm Post #4: | Reply With Quote
Here is the original thread for the GT8LE which I can't seem to find anywhere else since OFNA picked up the distribution of Team C cars:

It seems that Tower is already accepting pre-orders:

A local sponsored driver (Marcus Williams) out here in Texas has been posting a bunch of his setups on the nitro version of the GT8L here:

Marcus is the industry leader in the F1 class and has completely revolutionized many different chassis modifications and made them available for sale to the public, it is just a matter of time before he does the same with this car too:

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JimPrower - 1.04.13, 3:56 am Post #5: | Reply With Quote
...why'd they have to bring up the environmentalist angle? "Not your Daddy's Prius?" What?

Sorry marketing, there's no need to make your product seem environmentally friendly, even if it is. Just make it seem fast.
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BillDeLong - 1.04.13, 4:39 am Post #6: | Reply With Quote
Ironically, electric is faster than nitro now, however nitro makes for excellent improvement of traction throughout the race day so I've grown to appreciate nitro for what it is. There is no electric for this class at the national level, but I have been brainstorming a way to be able to come up with a quick change system by re-purposing parts from a circuit breaker so LiPo's can be swapped out in under 5 seconds and share the "Pit Stop Experience" along with the nitros to support up to an 1 hour long main which could lead to 1/2 as many pit stops for an electric, with the trade off being that electric take a little longer time to pit.
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FLoJo - 2.18.13, 10:46 pm Post #7: | Reply With Quote
my LHS is selling these RTR with a 2500KV motor .. If I didnt just pick up 3 1/8 onroad cars in last couple weeks I would pick one up . maybe ill see one of my cars and get this just to try it out .. BTW the RTR price was like under $400 so well see
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soulfirex - 4.11.13, 6:52 pm Post #8: | Reply With Quote
My first experience with that motor was not good at all! Hopefully the replacement system will be better.
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FLoJo - 4.13.13, 2:31 am Post #9: | Reply With Quote
soulfirex said
My first experience with that motor was not good at all! Hopefully the replacement system will be better.
just curious , did you change the gearing at all , or just ran it stock out the box and fried it ?
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BillDeLong - 6.02.15, 7:46 pm Post #10: | Reply With Quote
HobbyKing has started rebranding this car as the 1/8 Rally for around $300 with slightly different features:
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