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Special-K-192's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Special-K-192 - 11.06.12, 8:18 pm Post #11: | Reply With Quote
It would be cool if it was as budget friendly as there motors
"Vacationing user"
Corrupt - 11.06.12, 8:59 pm Post #12: | Reply With Quote
At least we know the motors are good

Joe's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Joe - 11.06.12, 9:14 pm Post #13: | Reply With Quote
That looks awesome! The car looks cool also
Slashowner2wd's Avatar
"I don't have a Slash anymore."
Slashowner2wd - 11.06.12, 9:43 pm Post #14: | Reply With Quote
I hope Jang reviews this
If you ask me where one year's worth of money went I will tell you to go to my hobby shop.
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User Unrelated's Avatar
"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 11.06.12, 9:57 pm Post #15: | Reply With Quote
I could see myself buying one
I LOVE how it looks!
It'll all depend on how it PERFORMS.

it looks 1/18 or 1/16 scale to me, which is cool. I like that scale factor, and really regret selling my RC18... maybe this will be good, and I'll end up getting one.

if it's priced like their motors, I don't see why it wouldn't be worth a shot!
unless it has the same center diff as the mini inferno/ZD mini's YUCK
(Last edited by User Unrelated : 11.06.12 at 10:00 pm)
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mongdex's Avatar
"RC is life.."
mongdex - 11.06.12, 10:02 pm Post #16: | Reply With Quote
This can be good or total apocalypse.
Internal Combustion is still king..

Cars..Planes..Helicopters..Multirotors.. but have yet to mess with boats.
User Unrelated's Avatar
"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 11.06.12, 10:05 pm Post #17: | Reply With Quote
I'm going to set the "new products" page as my homepage...
I don't know why I'm so excited about this
but it probably has to do with the price point I am expecting... much lower than the mini-8ight, which I have lusted after for a long time. I've just never seen enough gain in the bang for the buck factor.
I tried a 1/16 ZD buggy, but that was a flop. it would have been nice, but the drivetrain was just a disaster waiting to happen.
Has almost too many RC's.
DingMike's Avatar
"Experienced user"
DingMike - 11.06.12, 10:06 pm Post #18: | Reply With Quote
I found this after a little googleing.

(watch this on YouTube for more options)

Here is the OEM's website http://www.rccar.com.cn/index.html
SHOOSH! I'm thinking...wait, what?
User Unrelated's Avatar
"I'm back!"
User Unrelated - 11.06.12, 10:08 pm Post #19: | Reply With Quote
they didn't show any landings.
that has me concerned.
look, even the last shot, the chase truck purposely cased it to not show the little guy landing!

speculations speculations!
Has almost too many RC's.
Haddi taha's Avatar
"Experienced user"
Haddi taha - 11.06.12, 10:14 pm Post #20: | Reply With Quote
looks awesome, if its good I might get it as my 1st mini. I hope shipping to Australia won't be too much

EDIT: it has 2.5mm 6061 shock towers, is this good, bad or normal for a mini?
(Last edited by Haddi taha : 11.06.12 at 10:16 pm)
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